Vinod Gupta Businessman Extraordinaire and Giver of Education

Vinod Gupta is a great example of how hard work and a good moral ethic can really pay off in life. Vinod was born and raised in a small town in India. After he completed his studies at the India Institutes of Technology, he moved to Lincoln ,Nebraska in the United States. There Vinod completed his education and began a very impressive career that has spanned over the last forty years.

Recently, Vinod Gupta has been finding his name in the headlines. The most recent article published on Vinod is an interview that he gave for This interview was conducted by George Baker and was published on June 21, 2018.

The first part of the published article is a brief overview of Vinod Gupta’s childhood and education. The piece then opens up to the interview itself where Vinod discusses his early days in the business world. These early days led to Vinod created a database that ended up opening enormous opportunities for him. He also discusses how the recent advances in technology have helped his business grow and flourish.

Vinod Gupta’s enormous contributions to reforming the educational opportunities in India was also discussed. Vinod Gupta has funded the building of schools in several villages in India. He has also funded the construction of a college for women and a school for young girls too. He has also funded a scholarship for minorities at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.

Mr. Gupta has been a resident of Lincoln, Nebraska since he arrived in the United States. He founded his first business, American Business Information, in 1972 and operated it for over twenty years. He is currently the General Partner for Everest Capital Partners, Inc., a small firm in Omaha, Nebraska.

Q & A with Vinod Gupta, Managing General Partner of Everest Group

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