USHEALTH Group Protector Plans and Benefits

USHEALTH Group is an American insurance company based in Texas. They have been providing customers with peace of mind for well over 50 years. They primarily offer coverages in addition to major health care plans and also offer coverages that meet ACA requirements. Of these additional coverages are life, sickness, accident, and disability coverages. The company provides coverage that meets the needs of more than 15 million customers. The signature plans that USHEALTH Group offers is what makes them significant in the business. This article will highlight a couple of the most popular options to give customers an idea of the value and affordable coverage available. USHEALTH Group also enjoys many awards, including top customer service and an outstanding “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau.


USHEALTH Group is well known for many different types of plans, however, life insurance is certainly among the most popular of options. A featured plan called Life Protector offers members a 10-year term life insurance coverage. This policy is renewable so members can stick with it and have remaining coverage throughout their lifetime(s). The peace of mind knowing that your loved ones or anyone that’s dependent on the member will be cared for is comforting. A benefit of term life insurance is that the beneficiary is typically not required to pay taxes once the benefit is paid. They also offer the benefit of having $5 increments of coverage for maximum flexibility. The unfortunate loss of someone who’s depended upon can be devastating. With the affordable and convenient solution(s) provided by USHEALTH Group, the burden lessens significantly.


Another coverage provided to ease costs associated with an accident is called Accident Protector. This supplemental excess accident insurance provides numerous affordable benefits. The coverage extends beyond and picks up where out of pocket expenses begin to occur. The generous list of coverages goes all the way from ambulance transportation all the way to rental of medical equipment. There’s also an accidental loss coverage should there be death or dismemberment to the insured. With many flexible options in coverage levels and deductibles, there’s a plan for everyone. Nobody is able to determine when an accident will happen, nor how much it will set them back. It’s comforting to know that coverage will be there to help out when unfortunate incidents occur.


Income protector is another great plan offered by USHEALTH Group. This plan pays for living expenses during an injured time period. The plan is flexible, as members simply select the amount, time of exclusion before benefits start, and how long they’d like the coverage to last. This is a great option, as state and government disability claims take an exceptional amount of time to be approved and typically pay far below what the injured’s actual expenses are. With so many great plans to protect members in virtually any situation, they’ll be happy and peaceful knowing USHEALTH group is on their side!



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