The Unique Strengths Of The Brown Agency

The Brown Agency was formed once Wilhelmina Austin acquired Heyman Talent-South. These two are the largest talent agencies in this region. Once they join forces, they would be leveraging their unique strengths as well as capabilities to each other. This is why The Brown Agency is going to become the only agency in Austin that will be providing full services. Very few agencies in Texas can fulfill this criterion.

It was in 2010 that Justin Brown launched Wilhelmina Austin. Soon, it established itself as being among the most respected agencies for modeling talent in the Central Texas region. Within three years, Heyman Talent-South has become a successful acting talent agency in Austin. As these two companies combine to become a new company, clients will get access to a wider portfolio of qualified and experienced talent. Besides, the talent gets access to much greater opportunities all across the country.

The Brown Agency will have its headquarters in Austin. It will have offices in Dallas besides Los Angeles. Justin Brown will be the CEO as well as President of this new agency. Michael B. Bonnée is the founder of Heyman Talent-South. He will be heading the theatrical department of this new agency.

Justin Brown has further stated that this merger has led to The Brown Agency turning into a full-service agency. This is a part of their growth strategy. It further confirms their commitment to serving the clients as well as talent. He further stated that both agencies are feeling proud that they have selected the best. This has allowed them to reach a much larger market. They would be able to deliver a professional and dependable talent. Now, this would be achieved on a much larger scale after the merger.

Michael B. Bonnée is looking after the development of the theatrical part of The Brown Agency. He says that the combined talent, as well as expertise of both these agencies, will make it an exciting opportunity for all.

The Brown Agency will be the leading talent as well as modeling agency in central Texas. This way they can provide clients with a wide range of talent options. In addition, the talent will get exposure to some large brands in the world. These would include Louis Vuitton, besides Dell, and Toyota, along with L’Oréal and many more known companies.

Justin Brown used to work in fit modeling. His clothes were being designed by Lucky Brand. These would be able to fit his body type.

He studied business management while he was in college. After modeling assignments, he landed in the field of development and placement where he would find jobs for the models. This is the way he learned more and more about this industry.

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