The Story Of Evolution Of Smooth

The Start Of Something Big

The idea that Evolution of Smooth proving itself to be a smashing success within the first few years of existence was not a likely one. The idea that Evolution of Smooth would eventually make itself the most successful lip balm brand around was considered absolutely absurd. Despite all of this here we are today looking at what is generally considered the most successful brand on the market. The reasons why this brand continues to amaze are easy to see if you look closely.

Where It All Leads

The success of EOS lip balm is absolutely something takes in consideration. This brand didn’t reach the heights it is at today because it simply threw itself into the market. Instead, the creators of this lip balm decided they want to target a specific demographic. That demographic is the Millennial woman. Young women in general love to make fashion statements with cosmetics, but it wasn’t until Evolution of Smooth came around that people believed it was possible to get them to buy lip balm in the same fashion that they buy lipstick.

What Really Sets Them Apart

The thing that sets Evolution of Smooth apart is that the creators specifically sought to do away with many of the myths surrounding lip balm. Lip balm is not a product used by both men and women in similar frequencies. It is something that women take a special interest in and marketing towards them is the best way to make sure you are getting the exact profit that you want. Doing this has allowed Evolution of Smooth to make itself one of the most successful brands on Kohls and Ulta. Millennial women are going to remember and devote themselves to this brand for years to come.

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