The Career of Tech Entrepreneur William Saito

William Saito is a Japanese American in Silicon Valley who is a top entrepreneur in the technology industry. During his career, he has served as a cybersecurity expert along with being both a political and strategic advisor. Since the age of 10, Saito has been very active in the technology industry. At this age, he was able to land his first internship which gave him valuable experience in the field. With this internship, he would learn computer programming and use this skill to eventually start up his first business. While he was in college, he would start up a company called I/O Software. This company would specialize in providing software that provided tools such as fingerprint recognition. At the age of only 34 in the year 2000, Saito would sell his company I/O Software to Microsoft. In 1998 William would receive the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.


Before he became an entrepreneur, William Saito grew up Walnut, California where he would get into computing. When he was at a young age his parents bought him a personal computer. This allowed him to pursue his passion and learn how both computer hardware and software work. By taking apart the computer, he learned how to make effective software programs in the future. With his newfound skills, he was able to use them to get jobs in the technology field. Saito worked at Merrill Lynch writing computer programs while he was in high school. After completing high school, he would then attend college and begin developing his own company. The company I/O Software would go on to be quite successful for a number of years.


The main skill that William Saito has showcased throughout his career is computer programming. He has been able to write programs since he was a child. This allowed him to enhance his knowledge of computer software development. Along with computer programming, Saito has proven to be a skilled engineer from his experience taking computers apart and putting them back together. This allowed him to get a firm grasp of how computers are structured in terms of their hardware. He has also displayed leadership and innovation by starting up and running a successful company.

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