OSI Group’s President: David McDonald

David’s education and work background

David McDonald, the President of OSI Group, LLC is also the CEO and board director. At Marfig Global; Foods S.A, he serves as independent director while ta North America Meat Institute, he is chairman. He was born in the Iowa state and also raised there. Besides agriculture, he had an interest in biology hence his decision to join Iowa State University and pursue animal science and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. After college, he started working at OSI Group, and his work ethic has helped him climb the ladder.

OSI Group’s operations

OSI Group operates globally by supplying protein products that have been added value to major food companies like Yum and Burger King. It has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. It got its first customers by upholding standards of high quality and has maintained them by ensuring all products are good enough for use by individuals. It invests a substantial amount of time in winning customer trust and understanding their needs, as part of its marketing strategy.

David enhancing OSI Group’s sustainability

David McDonald has facilitated remarkable enhancements in OSI Group’s departments of production and processing. He has created a worldwide network with firms from all over the globe. He has ensured the management team of regional offices have the rich understanding of local consumer’s tastes and cultures. In China; he is set to make OSI Group the largest producer of poultry with the addition of two facilities. He has also facilitated a joint venture deal with DOYOO Group which helped launch DaOSI, improving its operations in poultry production.

OSI Group’s acquisition

David facilitated the purchase of Baho Foods which he said gave OSI Group a broader presence in the European market, with its unbeaten track record of 60 years. He added that Baho Foods’ product portfolio and brand complemented OSI’s processing strengths and widened their capabilities to serve the changing needs of their customers in the best manner. The Managing Director and managers of Baho Foods remained with the business to assist OSI in developing a growth strategy for the joined companies. In his tenure, OSI Group has also acquired Tyson Foods, a company based in Chicago. It was set to close down and leave over 500 people jobless, but David supervised its evolution which left the employees’ jobs secure. Another European company acquisition, Flagship Food Group brought additional market share to OSI Group.

For details: www.linkedin.com/in/david-mcdonald-a1b1137