Southridge Capital, Building a Financial Future for Startup and Established Companies.

Southridge Capital is an assorted financial holding company that directly invests and also offers advisory services to medium and small enterprises across the globe. Since the company was established in 1996, it has made first-hand investments worth more than $1.8 billion into small growing companies all over the world. The company has invested in more than two hundred and fifty public companies. At Southridge, their strength lies in their unique ability to come up with a detailed financing plan for a forthcoming customer and then work out on the plan to the last details. This is made possible by their executive team which has more than required skills to help a client company in their financing approach and assists in balance sheet technicalities. Southridge is dedicated to their clients and helps them in coming up with innovative solutions to matters financial.


Services offered


Southridge Capital offers a range of services which are key to the success of their clients. Among these services is Financial Analysis. The company schemes out comprehensive, well-calculated statements in order with their client’s financial goals and operations plans. Clients of the company benefit from Balance Sheet Optimization offered by Southridge. The company says this is to ensure that their clients do not get into a financial crisis, by having an imbalance between their liabilities and assets.


The company is also a trusted advisory partner when it comes to merger and acquisitions and helps their clients’ spot businesses that are in line with their philosophy. Clients of Southridge are also well guided when they need to restructure or realign their staff or way of doing business. The company is also committed to helping their clients turn bad financial situations around and pick up after being bankrupt. Southridge also offers litigation services, helping their clients avoid soaring legal fees and expenses.


Rare portfolios


Southridge Capital has a competent team with all of its top managers being distinguished people in their careers. It is no surprise that the company offers premium services such as Credit Enhancing, Financing Solutions, and Securitization. Among their unique portfolios, the company offers Equity Purchase Agreement that helps companies’ access capital on their own terms without being dictated by the market circumstances. Visit their facebook page for more details.


More about Southridge Capital


The company was founded by Stephen M.Hicks who also serves as the Chief Executive Officer to date. The company is also involved in charity work, funding the Daystar Foundation, Ridgefield Fountain Landmark, Western Connecticut Health Network Foundation, Ridgefield Visiting Nurses Association and Save a Child’s Heart Foundation among others. The Company has offices in Connecticut and New York. You can checkout to see more.



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