Securus Technologies Deploys Wireless Containment System

For over thirty years, corrections industry constituents comprising of corrections facilities, inmates, families as well as friends and acquaintances of inmates have solely relied on the technology provided by Securus Technologies with the assistance of its predecessor firms to solve the crime menace. Also designed to fulfill their need to safeguard the community, Securus Technologies has in the recent years strategically executed a modern and evolutionary growth strategy by partnering with organizations and people who provide complementary products and services that go beyond communication. Recently, Securus Technologies announced the launch of the Wireless Containment System. Besides this emerging project, the organization announced its partnership with one ex-corrections officer, Mr. Robert Johnson.

Background Data

Mr. Robert Johnson has been narrating his nasty ordeal for about seven years now. He says that on one beautiful morning, like any other typical working day, he was preparing to go to work. In the process, he heard a disruptive bang on the door. Of course, he was frightened by the bang because the hours were too odd for a visit. Also, he was not expecting anyone at that moment. So being the courageous man that he is, he stood still, waiting for the intruder to get into his house. A few seconds later, the intruder was inside his home. Since his wife was asleep, Johnson called his assailant to the hallway. As a caring husband, Mr. Robert Johnson did not want his wife to get shocked by the presence of the intruder in their house. He made sure that his wife was not harmed in any way.

Johnson Works With Securus Technologies

What followed has seen Johnson nurse physical and emotional wounds for over seven years now. On the same day that he was attacked, the assailant shot Johnson in the chest. He was admitted to the hospital and has been going through corrective surgery until now. After the entire ordeal, Mr. Johnson made a concrete decision to work with corrections facilities and enforcement agencies to enhance safety in the community. Every day, he narrates his ordeal and remembers vividly just how traumatizing it was not only for him but his family as well.

Additional Information

With that said, Securus Technologies has launched new software to prevent such like crimes from reoccurring to other people. The Wireless Containment System utilizes a secure network that allows calls to be monitored by corrections facilities. When the management receives a call, it decides which calls should be barred and which ones should be allowed to go through.


For Securus Technologies, the aim is to keep cell phones and contrabands away from inmates. Through this Wireless Containment System, this has been possible. It is also critical to note that emergency calls and calls from the management are allowed to go through the network. Conclusively, the cell phone detection system has helped to prevent crime.

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