Ryan Seacrest Opens Up About His Childhood Obesity

In a recent interview with, “Men’s journal” Ryan Seacrest comes clean with America about his struggle with obesity in his adolescence, and how it still affects him and his daily routine. Our favorite American Idol host tells us about how he now uses his experience as a fuel to keep himself going and isn’t ashamed to admit it. The TV host and producer, tells the interviewer of how he gets in physical exercise when he’s able and even pushes himself to meet a certain goal that he’s set for himself.

Ryan Seacrest talks in the interview about setting goals for himself and finding balance in his life in all aspects. He believes that balance, complete balance is something we should all strive for, even if at times we aren’t able to achieve it.

Seacrest said in an interview with the “Men’s Journal” that in order for him to stay committed to getting in a workout everyday, he treats it just like a business meeting and makes certain not to be late or miss the scheduled daily workout. When asked about his favorite exercises, Ryan Seacrest told, “Men’s Journal” how he works with a handful of trainers who change up the routine on him. He also says he enjoys core workouts, but is always making sure to change it up on himself so there’s never a dull moment or a boring routine. Ryan Seacrest is no stranger to water either. He tells, “Men’s Journal” He grew up going to a neighborhood swim club due to it being his only way of getting exercise as a child. He tells further of how he wishes he was able to get in more pool time now.

Ryan Seacrest continues through the article telling us about his favorite foods. He also goes into detail about his favorite snacks and cheating during his diets ultimately finishing the article with a description of Ryan Seacrest’s daily workout regimen.

One thing is for certain. We wouldn’t not have Ryan Seacrest today if he had never had the courage to transform himself into the man he is today from the overweight child that he was back then. Seacrest is also busy with his very own non-profit foundation, read more here.

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