Richard Dwayne Blair’s Three Pillars to Financial Stability

Richard Dwayne Blair grew up always knowing that he wanted to help people. In his younger years he saw that education was important, and he also saw the impact of teaching from his mother and grandmother. After college he started his career in the financial industry. A year later he opened his own business, Wealth Solutions Inc., which has been helping people gain financial stability ever since.

Richard Dwayne Blair organized a plan that him and his clients would follow to gain the stability that they hope to achieve. Richard Dwayne Blair set up three pillars for a success. Even knowing that each financial goal is different, these pillars are sure to improve the finances of the everyday person.

Step 1 in Richard Dwayne Blair’s 3 step process is for him to get to know his clients more. He figures out their strengths, weakness, and over goal that they are trying to achieve. During this step Richard Dwayne Blair builds a trustworthy relationship with his clientele. He gets a clear understanding of who they are and where they hope to be, financial wise, at the end of the journey.

The second pillar is to put what Richard Dwayne Blair learned in his initial meet with his clients. He puts forth a custom made strategy to get the clients on the right track of financial stability. At this point he moves things around to maximize their earning potential and so that they will have the lowest impact of a negative market change. He then compares to see if the path he has set for them is leading them into the right direction.

The third and last pillar is more focused on insurance. Richard Dwayne Blair and his clients both know that insurance is needed to truly have financial stability. He helps them prepare for what may come in life so that it will be a low impact on their lives as possible. He gives them advice on the different types of insurance that can be beneficial to their lives.

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