Perry Mandera: A Leader in Transportation and Philanthropy

Since 1976, Perry Mandera has worked in the field of logistics and transportation. While his forty years of experience have concentrated in the Illinois area, Mr. Mandera has also fulfilled shipping needs countrywide. He is currently the owner of Custom Co., Inc.

Perry Mandera began his logistics and transportation career in the United States Marines. While serving in the military, Mr. Mandera was put in charge of transporting supplies and troops. This began a long and respected career. While his time in the military sparked his interest in logistics, it also gave him a desire to find more ways to serve.

In 1984 he ran for and was elected to the Republican Ward Committeeman for the 26th ward in Chicago. He spent four years in this position. His passion for service doesn’t end here. Perry Mandera also has spent years in philanthropic efforts. Mr. Mandera has volunteered and donated to various programs. Over the years Perry Mandera has gathered clothing donations, helped with hurricane Katrina relief, helped fund cancer and AIDS research, and helped tornado victims in Illinois (

He has a special interest in programs benefiting children. In fact, he has founded Custom Care Charities in the Chicago area. Custom Care Charities benefits disadvantaged families at Christmas time, funds activities to encourage neglected and abused kids in healthy development activities and funds sports teams for kids to play on.

Perry Mandera has received many awards in the past 40 years. One of his proudest is being singled out by the Illinois Transportation Association (ITA) in 2000 as a “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium.” Considering his hard work and prestige in the transportation sector, this was quite an accomplishment.

Perry Mandera has had a long, illustrious career. He has had opportunities to serve in the military and as a political figure, run his own business and even have his own non-profit. Mr. Mandera has sought to benefit the Illinois area in everything he has done and is an excellent example to all.

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