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Philanthropist and Forex Trader- Greg Secker

He can be described as a man who holds different positions and titles. Greg Secker is a prominent entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and a master trader. The 42 years old Greg is also a philanthropist and an active father who appreciates his role. Greg is the founder of Action Group which is a combination of various organizations which include Smart Chart Software, The Greg Secker Foundation, Capital Index, and Learn to Trade. The purpose of the organizations is to assist people by teaching them on trading and help them reach their long and short term goals in life.

Greg Secker began very humbly with him starting his career working at Thomas Cook Financial Services he gained experience and before long he moved out to establish a new venture in the foreign exchange industry known as Virtual Trading Desk. Mr. Secker prides himself for creating a platform which is the first one to provide online forex trading system that is efficient and reliable. He is considered a leader who over the years and has held other top positions including being the President of Mellon Financial Corporation. Mellon is one of the largest fortune 500 investment banks with its location in the United States of America. Serving as the President at Mellon allowed Greg to gain more experience as it offered him an opportunity to travel and see how other trading centers work.

Greg Secker is an English business man who was born in February 1975. He is an expert when it comes to foreign trade. Mr. Greg was born in Norfolk, England and after his High School graduation, he attended the University of Nottingham where he studied Agriculture and Food Science. Being a man who is passion ate about people he made a decision to found a non-prof it organization known as the Greg Secker Foundation. Greg Secker loves doing things with his hands and in 1998 he received an award from the British Telecom for his innovations. Greg is not a trader but he is also a philanthropist who is so much active when it comes to community work. Some of his humanitarian activities include his foundation; The Greg Secker Foundation.


Daniel Taub: the Israeli Ambassador to the U.K

Daniel Taub is a multifaceted authority serving in diverse areas. Apart from being an Israeli diplomat, he is also a globally-recognized lawyer and a writer. Mr. Taub served as Israeli’s ambassador to the UK from 2011 to 2015. Daniel presented his personal documents to the queen when meeting her for the first time.

Daniel dressed stunningly but most striking was his freshly-cut graying hair. It portrayed him as the right person for the office he was assuming. For everyone who understood, the look communicated one thing; having been born in Britain, nothing would change his Jewish beliefs and practices despite having featured among the country’s prominent diplomats.

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When assuming office, Daniel promised to bring Israeli and Britain closer. On completing his term after four years, Mr. Taub appreciates that he and many other people feel that he has done enough. The Jews living in Britain are among those who have experienced it firsthand. The guests who gathered in Daniel’s home for the farewell party felt more than sorry at the thought of him leaving.

They expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the envoy marked to have performed most excellently. Daniel has been active throughout, even going to the extent of addressing the media through platforms such as Today and Newsnight and academicians forums.

A Bit of Taub’s Personal Life

Daniel was born and bred in United States. He took his studies from U.S before moving to Israel in 1989, where he served as a medic of Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Being a multidimensional authority, Daniel also acted as a reserve officer in the international law of IDF. Read more: Daniel Taub | About and  Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

Before joining IDF, he had been a speechwriter to the Israeli president, Chaim Herzog. The skilled diplomat is also a celebrated family man married to Zehava.

Between them are six children who are popularly remembered for having performed a song in honor of Israeli’s 64th birthday. Daniel’s commitment to his causes got him receiving an award for vehemently supporting rising startups and upcoming entrepreneurs. You should also know that Taub is a remarkable author. He frequently writes editorials addressing issues affecting Middle East and Israel.

Unique Traits You Should Pick From Daniel Taub

Zeal and knowledge are some of the great things sustaining Daniel as a relevant leader in the industry. As such, these facets impact his confidence in boldly tackling issues touching on his daily endeavors. Through his pursuits, Daniel and his wife Zehava have appeared to be part of the Jewish community in every way.

With the fascinating spectrum of issues he has to handle daily, he may not be able to show up in every gathering as invited, but at least he does his very best. Daniel Taub is equally a good listener and enjoys taking time with British authorities even when they may not agree on particular issues.

Honey Birdette Founder Unfazed by Criticism

According to SmartCompany, the founder and managing director of Honey Birdette, a lingerie brand had acknowledged the brand, which is much-discussed was “polarizing” but had declined criticisms of its current “flash mob” in marriage equality support. A group of 60 employees of Honey Birdette and models went to the Sydney CBD streets in marriage equality support ahead of the controversial postal plebiscite of the federal government on the topic, with forms scheduled to arrive in the mailboxes of Australians on Sep. 12.

Lingerie-clad models and workers of Honey Birdette walked from the Pitt Street Mall to the pedestrian mall, Martin Place, carrying signs that had messages of “#freethenipple” and “make love not plebiscite.” The company was live streaming the whole event on Facebook, attracting messages of both criticism and support from customers.

Speaking to SmartCompany, Eloise Monaghan, who’s Honey Birdette managing director and founder, said the flash mob criticisms unfazed her; she explained that while Honey Birdette could be a polarising brand, Monaghan was pleased that the action had sparked a great debate about what happens out there.

According to, Honey Birdette had two posters on the windows of its shop featuring women wearing a new range of lingerie; the nipple of one model was visible. The 54-year-old Mother Tracey Henley, from Seaford Rise with her 31-year-old daughter Stacey Henley, from Huntfield Heights were doing shopping in the center; they agreed that the advertisement would offend people.

Stacey said that people who knew the store name and what the products are offering wouldn’t be surprised. However, for those who did not understand what the store was offering, she thought it was somehow raunchy. Three years ago, the lingerie chain was forced to remove all adult products from its store because of failing to inform the council it was going to sell sex toys.

Growing a Titan Company: Gregory James Aziz

Gregory James Aziz is a businessman of many hats. He is the Chairman, CEO, and President of National Steel Car. The company is one of the top railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing companies in the world. Though he began in the food wholesale industry, Gregory J Aziz is responsible for growing National Steel Car into the engineering giant it is today.

Gregory James Aziz

Born a resident of Ontario, Greg Aziz attended Ridley college before continuing his academic career at the University of Western Ontario with a degree in economics. His family had a wholesale food industry, and he joined them in 1971. He helped to grow this company tremendously into an international company before moving on to investment banking in New York. In 1994, Gregory James Aziz organized the buyout of National Steel Car. When purchasing this company, he had the sole goal to grow it and make it the foremost sought after company for freight engineering and manufacturing. At the time Greg Aziz bought the company, they were manufacturing approximately 3,500 freight cars a year. Due to extreme personal and financial investment, however, the company grew tremendously and in just five short years began manufacturing 12,000 freight cars a year. This also led to an enormous increase in employment, from 600-3,000 employees in the same span of time. 

Under Gregory James Aziz, National Steel Car has not only been focused on growth, but they have been focused on quality. For the past decade they have been honored with the highest quality award from the TTX SECO. For almost two decades they have been the only freight car manufacturing company to be consistently re-certified ISO 9001:2008. 

Despite these achievements, however, Greg Aziz is still looking forward. He claims that the company will not rely on past achievements, and it is his aim to continue pushing and growing the company farther. In addition to this, Gregory James Aziz is an active philanthropist. The company supports numerous local charities and employees participate in a local food drive every year during the holidays to benefit local food pantries. Greg Aziz and his wife are also active supporters of Canada’s agriculture fair, the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair.

The unprecedented growth National Steel Car has seen since Greg Aziz took over operations over two decades ago speaks to his expertise and leadership abilities. He is certainly growing a titan company and now slowing down now.


George Soros uses capitalism to reform it

Over the history of financial markets, very few investors have ever been able to earn more than 20 percent returns per year. In fact, there are very few investors alive today who have reached that lofty goal. One of them is George Soros. After running his own hedge fund for more than 45 years, Soros has returned almost 25 percent per year, making him one of the greatest investors in history and the greatest hedge fund manager alive today.

But Soros never intended to become a master of capitalism. From his earliest years, he was instead interested in pursuing a life of the mind. Growing up amid a toxic, anti-Semitic environment, his family was forced to leave his native Hungary in the early 1940s, after the Nazis took over his homeland. While his father was sagacious enough to quickly move the family away from the threats that the Nazi invasion presented, many of Soros’ relatives were not so fortunate. He lost dozens of extended family members to the Nazi death camps. Learn more about his profile at

This proved to be a formative experience in Soros’s life, leading him to develop an intense interest in understanding the ways in which societies are constructed and the ways in which political movements can directly affect all in their presence. Soros quickly learned the validity of the phrase that even though you may not care about politics, politics cares about you.

After graduating from high school with all As, George Soros applied to and was accepted at the London School of Economics. There he studied under famed philosophy professor Karl Popper, whose best-known work was the famous book ‘The Open Society and Its Enemies’. This book had a lasting impact on Soros’ philosophy and the way in which he chose to live his life. Eventually, Soros named his flagship philanthropic organization, The Open Society Foundations, after the book’s title. He was also deeply influenced by Popper’s view that the goal of any social order should be to maximize the freedom of all participants.

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After graduation, Soros floundered for a number of years. Working a number of menial jobs, he eventually threw in the towel five years after graduation and decided to apply at Wall Street firms. At the behest of a friend, he applied to the firm called Singer and Friedlander, where he was shocked at how quickly he was hired. This marked the beginning of Soros Wall Street career. It is noteworthy that if Soros would have found suitable work in his field of philosophy, it is unlikely that he ever would have ended up as a Wall Street trader. This makes him unique among most billionaires, who almost always know from a young age that they wish to pursue a career in business. Read this article at Washington Times.

Today, Soros is one of the world’s foremost philanthropists and, perhaps, the greatest investor who ever lived.

Communication Made Simple with ClassDojo

Classroom management and communication are two of the most important components of an effective classroom. Throughout history, teachers have been given advice and tips on how to manage their classroom and how to communicate effectively with students, parents, other teachers, and administrators; but these strategies often fell flat when the time requirement and amount of documentation became overwhelming.

Enter ClassDojo in 2011; an innovative communications app that opens the door of today’s classroom and allows for clear, constant, and consistent communication between the teachers, students, parents, and administrators. ClassDojo is a K-8 program that is now available in 180 countries, and has been translated into 35 languages. ClassDojo can be downloaded to any device, and has a transparent privacy policy which includes a 12 month deletion policy.

Offered free for teachers, ClassDojo and is completely editable to meet the unique needs of each classroom. Teachers create avatars for each students, and choose what qualities they want to reward such as participation, hard work, kindness, etc. Teachers can also create negative qualities that will lose points such as off task, negative attitude, missing supplies, etc.

Students and teachers can upload photos, and videos to their digital portfolio that can be accessed by parents, team teachers, and administrators so that they can see the day to day activity of the classroom. Teacher teams can share a classroom, allowing for immediate communication about student behavior.

Teachers and parents can communicate through an instant message option at any time during the day. Parents can select notification options that allow them to know immediately when students receive or lose points. This gives parents peace of mind, especially with new students or students with special needs.

In short, ClassDojo is a wonderful app that has stepped in to provide an effective, efficient classroom management and communication tool for K-8 teachers everywhere.

Real estate Investor and Entrepreneur-Todd Lubar

He is passionate about assisting others to accomplish their dreams of owning homes. Todd Lubar has been in the real estate sector serving for over 20 years. Beyond being in the Real Estate industry; Mr. Lubar is also a financier, investor, and entrepreneur. Todd is the President at TDL Global Venture as well as the Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments. Being a go getter Todd Lubar was named among top 25 mortgage originators in the United States of America. Todd has not only served in the real estate sector but he also has experience from other sectors including mortgage banking, the entertainment sector, and the construction industry. For more details visit Patreon.

After working for more than 20 years in the finance and credit industry, Todd felt it was time to help others attain their dreams. Todd established TDL Ventures LLC to be able to assist others. To be able to do that; Todd worked hard to eliminate barriers that acted as obstacles for individuals to access loans. Instead, he offered products that consumers wanted. Todd Lubar loves his family and every morning he makes sure he has his breakfast with his children before checking his emails and heading to the office. He values the news and he makes sure that he is up-to-date with news happenings in his industry. Todd Lubar believes that where there is a will there is always a way and as an entrepreneur, the way cannot come without the will to make the ideas come to pass there cannot be fruitful. Visit Crunchbase to know more.

Todd Lubar has been in the real estate industry from 1995. He began his career in the real estate industry as a loan originator at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he gained more experience in mortgage banking. In 2102 he established a residential development company which he named Legendary Properties LLC. In the sector, he has been dealing with the purchase, the selling and restoring of properties. Todd wanted to help others and in 2003 he established one of the largest privately owned mortgage firms in the United States of America; Charter Funding which is an affiliate of Magnus Financial Corporation. Todd Lubar resides in Bethsaida, Maryland where he lives with his two daughters.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America New Creation

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been crafting and working on some incredible new work and systems lately trying to find new ways for physicians and patients to get what they need and are looking for. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has created Clinical Pathways, and it is ultimately the best thing to ever exist because it is going to give you and provide that new opportunity to get the knowledge and They are an incredible team of professionals looking for ways to help improve the way that with their patients.

The way it works is very simple but just as This new system can let physicians find out what a patient is currently going through even after they have seen progress or seen a decline in improvement. The company created this system so that physicians can see what it is that a patient needs without ruining or disrupting the way they do business. Those who are struggling with a specific can use this to see what types of procedures or treatments they can have as one of their options.

Patients who want to know about the best procedure and also the one that’s the that a patient could be thinking about. They’re great to learn about and go through because they can help with guiding any patient to their problem. There are all kinds of people who just genuinely love the beauty of how this new technology is going to help physicians find out what their patients what they really need.

The definitely wants to provide solutions for those who are going through serious troubles and problems with their cancer. They provide the best service and can guarantee delivery of all kinds of cancer.

Equities First Holdings Challenging Traditional Loan Banking

Equities First Holdings has moved the offices of Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd in Melbourne. The leader in alternative financing solutions said that the decision to relocate was informed by the growing number of employees and clients. The newly acquired office is based in the middle of Melbourne, a location that will provide easy access to employees, clients and business partners to learn more: click here.

The relocation also changed the company’s address to Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd., Level 2, 287 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, telephone: +61 3 8688 7191.According to Mitchell Hopwood, Managing Director for Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd, the new office will provide sufficient room for both customers and clients while leaving ample space for future expansion plans.

Currently, there are three operational offices of Equities First Holdings in Australia. The offices are located in Sydney, Perth and the newly opened office in Melbourne. The parent office is located in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Equities First Holdings also, has presence in Switzerland, United Kingdom, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Founded in 2002, Equities First Holdings is committed in offering innovative financing services. The alternative lending products target mainly businesses and high net-worth individuals. EFH specializes in offering stock based loan and margin loans to people seeking quick cash and those that have been locked out from traditional bank loans. These loans provides crucial capital needed to meet urgent customer needs such strategic investment or business expansion. More importantly, Stock-based loans offered by EFH carry attractive terms with no hidden charges. Apart from carry fixed interest rates, the loans are also unrestricted implying they can serve any purpose.

Equities First Holdings also focuses on providing capital allocations, non-fiscal and fiscal services. Since inception, the company has successfully sealed more than 700 transactions with a total value of $1.4 billion.