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George Street Photo and Video is a unique business that focuses on quality wedding photography and video capture, getting those precious moments on the screen. The business has over 40 locations around the U.S. The two primary locations settings for wedding photos or videos of weddings are perhaps in New York, NY and San Francisco, CA.

The George Street photo and video Locations offers the most unique sub-location spots to shoot any engagement photos or videos around. It offers quality settings within one of the biggest cities in the U.S., giving you as the customer more options to choose from. New York has a variety of cultures and backgrounds to choose from, as well as natural settings in sunlight either over or under the popular bridges. San Francisco’s location is quite similar in its features and benefits, with the Golden Gate Bridge at one’s shooting disposal.


Rona Borre’s Impressive Entrepreneurial Spirit

Rona Borre founded Instant Technology LLC
Rona Borre founded Instant Technology LLC

Rona Borre is an entrepreneur and destroyer of glass ceilings. The Chicago-based Instant Alliance CEO has been recognized as an Enterprising Woman of the Year by Enterprising Women Magazine. Celebrated by The Business Ledger, and the National Association of Women Business Owners, as an Influential Woman in Business, Ms. Borre was also featured by several national media outlets including CBS, CNN, CNBC, and USA Today.
Rona Borre graduated from the University of Arizona, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in business, with an emphasis on marketing. Her first experience in the Information Technology recruiting industry was with a global recruiting firm. Starting as an account manager, Ms. Borre worked her way through the sales ranks, obliterating sales goals and company benchmarks along the way.
According to, in 2001, Rona Borre founded Instant Technology LLC, in a spare bedroom of her condo. The company later evolved into Instant Alliance, an increasingly successful staffing and recruiting firm, owned and managed entirely by women. The Instant Alliance specializes in staffing solutions in the finance and technology industries.
Rona Borre is a trusted source in the staffing and recruitment industry[/caption] and frequently contributes to several publications, including Staff Digest. She is also a proud member of the Economic Club of Chicago, Young Presidents’ Organization, and the Chicago Network.

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Why Fabletics Is the Company to Watch In the Sports Wears Industry

If you are in the market for a comfortable and elegant sportswear cloth, then look no further than Fabletics. Founded in 2013 by A-list celebrity Kate Hudson, the online retail company has made significant progress in dominating the athletic sportswear industry. The company strives at meeting two fundamental principles; quality and design in its attempt to satisfying customers’ needs. Hudson credits JustFab Inc. Co-CEOs Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler with their unwavering support in launching the company towards unprecedented success.


Fabletics stocks a variety of attires tailored to meet the individual needs and tastes of customers. For starters, they have gone above and beyond to provide the following essential attires:

  • Outfits-running clothes, gym wear, and yoga pants.
  • Tops-vest tops, sports bras and T-shirts.
  • Bottoms-leggings, capris, shorts and trousers.
  • Accessories

New members are provided with free delivery for procured items upon payment of 20 British pounds for the first item purchased. However, customers ought to monitor their shopping frequency test they are charged for monthly subscriptions despite not making any purchases. To avoid such unnecessary expenditure, you must log into your account and “Skip the Month” costs charged to regular members.


Apart from making a kill in sales, Hudson and her talented team have developed several programs aimed at improving the health standards of its customers. Dubbed Fabletics 21, the program consists of pre-organized activities such as the 21-Day Running Challenge, 21-Day Healthy Eating Challenge and the 21-Day Meditation Challenge.


According to recent statistics, yoga pants have taken over American women’s fashion. Such impressive figures are projected to rapidly grow in the next few years despite negative reviews from several market pundits. For instance, the Brand had made a 16% increase in sales in 2015 compared to the previous financial year. Such excellent records have attracted the interests of several global fashion brands such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton to invest in the sports division.


Feedback from the Krazy Coupon Lady and Trust Pilot


Excellent customer service acts as the foundation of any successful company. Without it, no company can make it on their own. Fabletics has embraced the need to satisfy customers by taking each feedback into consideration. By valuing their opinions, such customers have equally hailed the company through positive comments listed on Fabletics’ website. Most clients have lauded the high-quality of products sustained by the firm over the years. Additionally, others have marveled at their comfort and ability to accommodate different body sizes. Fabletics also accepts returns of items up to thirty days from shipment as long they are still in their original condition.

White Shark Media’s Blog Is The Best Place For Industry Information

The White Shark Media blog is the perfect location for industry information as it brings together all the best of the company in a place that is easy to manage. Readers may come through the blog any time they like for more information, and they will find it quite simple to ensure they are making proper decisions. Informed customers tend to be much happier, and this article explains how White Shark Media keeps its customers informed.


#1: What Does The Blog Offer?


The blog is a brilliant piece of design that has brought together all the information from the business. There are several people at White Shark writing on the blog, and they are writing up new articles every week that offer more insight into the SEO and website design industry. There are quite a few people who will be more comfortable reading on the blog, and they may ask questions of the company when they need.


#2: What Does White Shark Media Do?


White Shark Media is a large media firm that offers customers SEO work, website design and marketing assistance. They have created some of the best websites on the Internet, and they help their clients promote their sites when needed. They have create full plans for customers in the past, and they manage the marketing they have created for as long as customers like. There is quite a lot of power in what the company does, and they have more customers coming through every day who need the same services.


#3: How Long Does White Shark Media Manage A Customer Account?


The company will manage customer accounts for as long as needed. They have helped businesses look for new ways to market, and they have helped companies manage their websites when they do not have the time to do it themselves. Everyone who wishes to ensure they are marketed properly must use White Shark Media.


The blog at White Shark Media is quite helpful in that it helps every customer learn what they need to know about their services before they hire the company for their next project. They also use quite a lot of information submitted by customers. Customer questions are answered in a timely manner, and they provide the basis for more writing on the blog that will help customers learn. White Shark Media wishes to be as informative as possible when helping each customer.

Get Healthier Shinier Hair

There are many ways to get healthier shinier looking hair. From diet to Hair Care Products everything can affect the health of your hair. Throughout this article you’ll find some tips and tricks on how to get healthier shinier looking hair without a lot of work.

One of the most important factors for having healthier and shinier hair is having a healthy diet. A diet that is rich in junk food can cause hair to be weighed down, dull, and lifeless. Be sure to have a diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables for the most nutrients. Fruits and veggies will not only help hair to grow but it will also help it to be stronger and shinier.

Another great tip for having healthier hair is to drink plenty of water. Water is a great way to hydrate the hair and body. Hair that is lacking in moisture can look dull and lifeless. By adding more water into the diet hair will be softer and more moisturized.

One of the top ways to keep hair healthier is to avoid using products that are filled with harsh chemicals. Chemicals such as sulfates can strip the hair of necessary oil causing it to look dry and dull. Instead use products such as the cleansing conditioner from Wen hair by Chaz which not only cleanses but also conditions the hair. Each product from Wen by Chaz is sulfate-free and only uses the finest ingredients.

Another great product by Wen by Chaz that can make hair healthier as well as shinier is the Re-moist hydrating mask. Usually hair that is dry or damaged is lacking in moisture and using a hair mask can restore that moisture. The hydrating mask from Wen is a lightweight moisturizing formula that leaves hair feeling softer as well as looking shinier.

These are just some of the best tips and tricks for getting healthier shinier hair. Be sure to eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables as well as avoid harsh free products. A lot of hair care tips can be found on WEN Hair care’s Facebook page and Twitter. Be sure to take a look at those.

Wen Hair Compnay profile:

From Blight to Brilliant: Re-making New Brunswick with Sam Boraie

In the early years of the republic, New Brunswick was an important place. Its advantageous location with proximity to New York and Philadelphia as well as its role as a transportation hub established its role in the early years of the United States. However, the passage of time was not kind to New Brunswick and the 60’s and 70’s were absolutely cruel, leaving burned out buildings, fearful inhabitants and a grim future.

Sam Boraie came to the banks of New Jersey to pursue a degree in Chemistry during the bad old days of New Brunswick. Where others saw blight, he saw potential. Though without a background in real estate or construction, Mr. Boraie began investing in New Brunswick. Over time, he amassed a large block of buildings downtown and committed himself to reviving city center.

His master plan, presented to city management, was ambitious. Not only did he want to rebuild the uninhabitable buildings he had purchased, he wanted to bring life and business back to New Brunswick. He wanted people to walk the streets in the evenings shopping without fear of mugging; he wanted them to live in New Brunswick, go to doctors in New Brunswick and send their children to local schools.

Sam Boraie Steps Up
Forty years in the making, Boraie Construction is realizing the dream of Omar Boraie. Sam Boraie, one of the three Boraie offspring and the second son, plays a large role in this process. He and his brother and sister, the vice presidents of Boraie Construction, are continuing to implement their father’s dream.

For many years, Sam has been groomed to play a key part in the company. His current role includes researching new strategies that will help the company grow and more quickly realize its development plans. Boraie has never been a company to think small and the continued revitalization of New Brunswick is just one example of that ideal. Because of the massive plans that include attracting businesses of all sizes and residents interested in a city lifestyle including diversified entertainment, dining and education opportunities, Boraie is seeking big players to partner in the plans.

Philanthropic Activities
Though intimately interested in the company, Sam Boraie is also dedicated to developing the soul of New Brunswick through philanthropic endeavors. He has long served as a trustee of the State Theater, located to no one’s surprise in New Brunswick. Live, quality theater is an essential part of the Boraie vision, attracting creativity and innovation in the arts to New Jersey.

Mr. Boraie also serves on the advisory board of Elijah’s Promise. Founded as a soup kitchen, Elijah’s Promise has grown to become just the kind of place you could imagine a hard-working man like Sam Boraie to encourage. This charity still prepares and distributes free of charge over 300 meals a day. Beyond that, they offer bag lunches and promote education in the culinary industry, training bakers and chefs from the community in all aspects of food preparation so that they can provide for themselves and their families.

Sam Boraie and New Brunswick: Linked by Choice and History
Sam Boraie grew up living and breathing New Brunswick and we don’t see him deserting us any time soon; New Brunswick is in his blood and we are thankful for that.

Innovative & Impowered Antibody Based Therapy

In the world of cancer research, knowledge is the key to success. Having such knowledge can help the industry expand more so in the development of treatments or possible cures. Cancer is very prevalent in today’s society and it’s deadly wrath can be felt among us all whether it being a family member, friend, or associate. Luckily there have been some great advancements in the fight against cancer and it comes in the form of Antibody Based Treatments. These innovative treatments are much more effective than traditional treatments such as Chemotherapy and patients will experience a lack of sickening side effects after the treatments are over. Cancer Research has a much better prognosis and as innovation gets better, more and more lives will be saved.

Dr. Clay Siegall whom is the President and CEO of Seattle Genetics, is doing a great job for bringing new and innovative technology to modern day medicine. Dr. Siegall has a progressive approach that has yielded great results. Scientific innovation, drug development, and rigorous research is what he and the company stands by. Having much experience in the field, Dr. Siegall has transcended Seattle Genetics to a more mainstream market rather staying private. The good doctor has a Ph.D in Genetics from George Washington University as well as a (BS) in Zoology from The University of Maryland. As you can see he is very accomplished in his own rights, but Dr. Clay Siegall’s passion isn’t about earning new accolades, but more so helping others.

Seattle Genetics is located in Bothell, Washington and it’s one of the area’s biggest job producers. With over 800 employees all ready to work; the company’s growth in revenue will likely increase the need or more hiring. Antibody Based Therapy is the future of fighting cancer and Dr. Clay Siegall is in firm control of it’s future outcome.

Former Atlanta Hawks Owner Has Unfinished Business

Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, the ownership group headed by controlling partner Bruce Levenson, sold the National Basketball Association franchise to another ownership group headed by Tony Ressler in early 2015 according to However, it seems Levenson and AHBE still have some unfinished Hawks business to attend to. They have filed a lawsuit stemming from the departure of Hawks general manager Daniel Ferry.

AHBE signed Ferry to a six year, $18 million contract in 2012. Ferry and the Hawks separated just prior to the sale of the team in 2015. AHBE settled Ferry’s contract for an undisclosed amount. Levensoon and AHBC had previously taken out insurance with New Hampshire Insurance Corporation (also known as AIG)to cover losses due to certain employment matters such as the Ferry contract.

According to the lawsuit, AIG has refused to acknowledge AHBE’s claim as of September, 2016. The lawsuit alleges breach of contract and insurance bad faith. AHBE is seeking to recover the Ferry settlement amount, a 50 percent penalty, and legal costs.

Bruce Levenson is a true American success story. Along with partner Edward Peskowitz, he started a business newsletter called Oil Express in 1977. At the start, the two worked out of Levenson’s apartment. The newsletter grew into United Communications Group. Today, it is one of the largest privately held business information firms in the world. UCG provides business data and analysis to a range of industries, including energy, mortgage banking and healthcare. Levenson’s tenure as owner of the Atlanta Hawks began in 2004. He also served on the NBA Board of Governors while he owned the team.

Levenson is also known as a philanthropist. For example, he helped found the United States Holocaust Museum. Levenson supports or has held leadership positions in a number of nonprofit organizations such as the I Have a Dream Foundation.







Thor Halvorssen’s Strides in the Fight for Humanity

Thor Halvorssen Mendoza is a human rights activist and film producer. He was born on March 9, 1976. He has remarkably influenced the fight for individual rights and civil liberties, public interest advocacy, public policy and democracy.

He is the founder of the spectacular human rights festival known as the Oslo Freedom Forum. Halvorssen also heads the Human Rights Foundation, an organization that focuses on global human rights and freedoms. He is the patron of the On Own Feet, a children’s peace movement, and he is the founder of the Moving Picture Institute.

Halvorssen’s sentiments have featured in major media outlets such as The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Nation, Time Magazine, National Journal and the National Public Radio. He has also made appearances on television outlets such as Al-Jazeera, CNN, BBC News, The O’Reilly Factor, Hannity & Colmes, and HBO. He was once a guest speaker at TEDx in 2010.

Thor Halvorssen specializes in matters regarding dictatorship, slavery, human trafficking, and threats to democracy. He began his advocacy for human rights during adolescence when he organized a rally in London to oppose apartheid rule in South Africa. He has lectured on the same at the Harvard Law School, The American Enterprise Institute, the UN Association, and the New York City Junto. He has addressed the British Parliament too.

During the 1999 shareholder meeting at Lucent Technologies, Halvorssen campaigned for the introduction of an anti-slave policy where the China would investigate if the Lucent’s products were produced using forced labor.

He then became the CEO and Executive Director at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. He formed alliances that combined libertarian and conservative advocacy organizations. He is known for defending all people irrespective of their political views and affiliations.

Thor Halvorssen is producing a film on the novel The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. He had earlier co-produced the film Freedom’s Fury which relates to the story of the uprising against the dictatorship that once took place in Hungary. He also produced the film Hammer and Tickle which is about humor, satire, and ridicule as a way to disseminate the truth about Russian dictatorship.

He has also produced films like Indoctrinate U, The Singing Revolution, the Sugar Babies, and 2081 among others.


Define yourself, Define your Hair

For many women, and even men for that matter, the style and look of your hair helps define you. Finding the right hair care products for cleaning and styling your hair becomes a critical element to the process of hair definition. Buying the cheapest products might save money, but the cheap approach may be a sacrifice that may cost the desired hairstyle far more than needed.

Wen by Chaz helps create that sought after style without breaking the bank. With some of the Wen by Chaz packages for under $40, depending on where they are purchased, anyone can have great hair on a budget. WEN hair care products are sold for a great price today at select online marketplaces, such as eBay, Sephora and Guthy-Renker.

Part of the solution to great hairstyles through the Wen by Chaz Dean ( products include shampoo, conditioners, cleansing treatments, replenishes, and volumizers. Add to the many varieties that come with Wen products too, but they add different aromas to give them great smells.

As is with many different haircare products (, giving yourself style, volume, shine, and a great smell helps invent a desirous style. One thing most shampoos do in cleaning hair is strip it of vitamins and oils, which can leave hair dry or damaged creating split ends. A good haircare system will include vital conditioners and treatment products to revitalize hair to help create your style and maintain a healthy shiny luster.

Another side of haircare includes dying hair which makes your hair look great but can really dry and damage your hair with all the chemicals involved. A replenishing treatment or cleansing conditioner from Wen by Chaz will aid in bringing dye treated hair back to life. Different oils added to your hair will also improve vitality and give your style that extra bounce and shine that it needs.

For more information, visit the WEN Hair Twitter account.