Omar Yunes: A Master of Franchise Development and Management

Being awarded the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) Award marks an important milestone in the checkered entrepreneurial history of Omar Yunes. It was the crowning glory of a successful venture he started as a 21-year old ambitious young man. At the award gala held in Florence, Italy, industry players recognized Mr. Yunes’ incredible success as one of the franchisees of the Japanese restaurant chain, Sushi Itto. Starting off with one unit in one city, Omar Yunes has grown his franchisee portfolio to include 13 units operating in three cities in Mexico. His 13 units, which have over 400 employees, account for 10 percent of the franchise network.

The BFW award was in recognition of Omar Yunes’ excellent management track record marked by innovative ideas. This has significantly improved how franchisees like Omar Yunes relate with the franchise owners. He was also selected from the numerous entries submitted from around the world because of the excellent information management system that he has implemented across all the 13 units he operates. Across all the units, Mr. Yunes developed effective human resource management policies that ensure greater motivation for the employees. The award also recognized the clear management boards implemented across all the units. Present at the awards was Sushi Itto’s chief executive officer who extolled Omar Yunes’ contribution in promoting excellent management and positive influence on the Sushi Itto’s franchise.

Entrepreneurial Efforts

Omar Yunes has divested his investments beyond the hospitality and hotel industry. He has investments not only in Mexico but also in the United States and Spain. His primary industry interest beyond the Sushi Itto franchise units is real estate. Over the years, he has invested millions dollars in luxurious condominiums in Mexico and the United States. Mr. Yunes owns several properties in Polanco, Mexico where he bought and renovated several properties in high-end condos. He also owns condos in Manhattan. In 2010, he bought five companies in Oviedo, in the Spanish region of Asturias. In Mexico, he also owns Yandai SA, which is the company behind his franchisee business. He is also the owner of the Mexican company, Planta de Ideas SA.

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