O2PUR Electronic Cigarettes revolutionizing the smoking industry

O2PUR E-Cig products are to be strictly used by persons over the legal smoking age. Electronic cigarettes can help users reduce as well as stop their smoking tendencies. They help users with a provision of nicotine. They assist in creating a similar sensation as regular smoking. They are widely used as compared to chewing gum or patches as they are hand-held and also generate a smoke-like vapor when used. This mimics and conventionally imitates the effect of the standard cigarette. The period it would take to stop smoking was six to twelve months when using electronic cigarettes with nicotine. This method also guarantees no presence of any severe side effects for two years.

E-Cigs were brought in the early years after 2000. Manufacturers of Electronic cigarettes use various chemicals to get different flavors. Some flavors include Vanilla, strawberry, cherry as well as cheesecake. When inhaled the vapor leaves a leaves a nourishing and appetizing effect in the system. After smoking a fruity like smell is left behind. In research funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse reveals that E-Cigs can lead to a 21 percent drop in smoking-related diseases.

O2PUR launched a celebration spanning a whole month by offering free samples t every customer. Every customer got a free bottle of E-juice in honor of the vaping world. Over 3000 free bottles were claimed in a day and a half. It is an excellent and recommended company for smokers all over the nation.

Electronic cigarettes including PUR have various styles and color which are by the user’s choice and preference. Some are made in the form of mobile devices or pens or pipes while others are designed to look like regular cigarettes. Smoking the electronic cigarettes can cost a rough estimate of 20 to 40 U.S dollars depending on how much the user inhales. It also depends on its starter pack, batteries as well as cartomizers.

O2PUR has a healthy relationship with its customers as it gives daily prizes through its Twitter handle and Facebook accounts. Though these accounts they get feedback from their customers.

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