Lime Crime Has Added Another Venus Palette, Venus Palette III

With the silky smooth finishing touches from Venus, VenusII, and Venus XL eyeshadow palettes it makes you excited to think about the possibilities for Venus III. This is like the day before Christmas and you just can’t wait to know what the goodies are under the tree!

The adorable box the palettes are in only adds to the fun. This decor adds to any room you keep your makeup in and or your bag. If you are lucky enough to have all of them the lids of the palette box has a different hair color for each venus animation on the box. Having all of the Venus Palettes this can come in handy. These are lite and compact making it easy to travel with or bring in your bag with you for a night out of town. With eight unique colors to choose from, they can be blended or used individually (the Venus XL has 18). Depends on what type of excitement you are looking for when doing your makeup for the day. Whatever you choose the application alone will be an experience you will want to experience again. This eyeshadow feels so good to use it is considered an experience.

It is good to know, the products are vegan and cruelty-free. While it last there is even a 15% discount for students @

When applying Venus it is perfectly creamy luxurious application and finishes. With all the colors to choose from, there is a color to compliment your look for the day. When deciding what to wear for the day or next day have this to look forward to. sells these palettes as well as other partnering business websites too. The prettiest colors in the new Venus III palette is beam and heavenly. They both have a slight glitter to them. These would be an awesome combo to wear too. These colors are perfect for summer. Just in time to shine.

So you know, Venus eyeshadows compliment all the other makeup sold by Lime Crime. It should be a crime to go without limecrime! What is your combo colors going to be this summer?

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