James Dondero: Cofounder and President of Highland Capital Management

James Dondero: Cofounder and President of Highland Capital Management

James Dondero is the cofounder and the president of Highland Capital Management. Highland Capital, located in Dallas, Texas was founded in 1993. The company specializes in the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) market. They also assist investors in retail, as well as, institutional investors with solutions to their credit issues. Other financial products offered include: mutual funds, hedge funds, private equity funds, ETFs and REITs.

James Dondero earned dual Bachelor’s of Arts degrees in accounting and financing from the University of Virginia. He graduated with highest honors. He also earned certifications as a Chartered Financial Analyst(CFA), a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Management Accountant (CMA). He began his successful career in 1984 as an analyst in the Morgan Guaranty training program. He was appointed the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) for Protective Life from 1989 and 1993. He worked as a corporate bond analyst and a Portfolio Manager for American Express from 1985 and 1989. He has more than 30 years of expertise in equity markets and credit. He was highly focused on high-yield investments.

In August 2017, Highland Capital Management hinted that the company was delving more into real estate development. In a recent interview for the Dallas Business Journal, James Dondero is quoted as saying, “We’re doing more development in real estate. There’s almost better value in certain places if you get the land at a reasonable price. There’s better value developing than there is buying something.” The company is currently working on a project that will develop a luxury apartment complex in Phoenix, Arizona. The company will benefit financially from the increase in real estate prices for their upcoming buildings. James Dondero forecasts that real estate prices this market will continue to rise in the future.

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