How NewsWatch reviews solves marketing problems

In the world of marketing, there are many avenues for success, but some are still better than others depending on your circumstances. Ultimately the number of Impressions matter, but even more so is the quality of those impressions. For certain products, it isn’t simply enough to inform computers that a product exists, but instead to inform them of all the product’s benefits as well.

It’s for this reason that is simple 30-second commercial is more than enough for an established company such as Coca-Cola or McDonald’s to remind customers of their existing product offerings. We are even noticing a trend toward 15-second commercials, showing that they can be even more cost-effective for these types of companies and products.

But what about the other companies? What should a product with a more complicated and unique product do it’s 30 seconds simply isn’t long enough? Historically the answer was an infomercial, alarm 30 minutes time slot that often repeat the same information over and over. This can be great selling a single product, but it is often devastating for a brand name or company; regular customers will eventually become annoyed and disengage with your product after seeing this same infomercial pop up for the tenth time.

Noticing this, NewsWatch TV devised a solution. Initially starting out by providing technology reviews, they quickly realized that they could offer this time squad for marketing purposes as well.

By doing things this way they are able to attract and be made aware of new tech products without having to do any research on their own. In addition, marketers for that product get to showcase the best elements of their products in a fair, unbiased format. This also has the benefit of providing more airtime in the 30-second commercial but not so much that it becomes a repetitive infomercial. These two elements come together to form a perfect compromise between a cost-effectiveness and completeness, and has been a staple part of NewsWatch reviews ever since.


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