How Democrats Use NGP VAN Technology To Mobilize Voters During Campaigns

Long gone are the days when appearing for TV and radio interviews were enough for a political candidate to mobilize grassroots votes. According to NGP VAN, a political campaigns software development company, the reach of the internet has since surpassed radio and TV coverage thus positioning itself as the new media influencer. And political parties understand this and have quickly adapted to the use of technology to better understand their voters in a bid to tailor more relevant and results-driven campaign strategies.

The Democratic Party has been on the forefront in harnessing the power of technology and using it to fuel their political campaigns. The party has particularly relied on the NGP VAN technologies to develop effective tools deployed during to help with fundraising, grassroots mobilization and structuring of political strategies that helped their candidate Barrack Obama win the 2008 and 2012 elections as well as during the Clinton and sanders campaigns in 2016.

How NGP VAN makes this possible

VAN holds the opinion that for a candidate to successfully mobilize votes during an election, they have to be in touch with the voters. Traditionally, covering as much ground during campaigns helped the candidate understand the plight of his voters and the voter find a connection with their favorite candidate. Recent technologies like websites and applications go a long way in bridging this gap between candidates and masses by providing an interactive interface.

Most importantly, the deployment of different technology tools helps with the collection and processing of big data from the voters. This helps candidates understand the voters pain points and formulate campaign strategies that address them head-on. However, VAN is quick to point out that for these strategies to be effective, the tools and strategies used must be regularly updated in line with the dynamic world of technology.


NGP VAN was founded in 1997 by technology savvy and Democratic Party allies as a voter activation network. It has however evolved gradually over the past few years to incorporate technology as their biggest mobilization tool. The company primarily pushes forwards the democratic agenda but also helps formulate election campaign strategies for the Labor Party of Canada as well as other progressive parties and unions.



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