Graham Edwards is now the Executive Chairperson of Telereal Trillium Limited

For almost two decades, Graham Edwards has been working at Telereal Companies. He started out as the Chief Executive Officer of Trillium Holdings Limited in 2001 and was later appointed the Chief Executive Officer of Telereal Trillium in 2009 ( Recently, Telereal Trillium has been making changes to its administration.

Some of the changes made on the Telereal Trillium executive panel include the appointment of Adam Dakin, who recently joined the company, to the role of managing director in charge of the business and service providers in the company. The finance and property department remains under Michael Hackenbroch and Graeme Hunter respectively. The most significant change, however, is the appointment of Graham Edwards to Executive Chairperson of Telereal Trillium. His position as the CEO will be taken over by the former joint manager, Russell Gurnhill.

Telereal Trillium is a subsidiary of Trillium Holdings Limited. It is a commercial property company based in London. The company is affiliated with BT, Aviva, Royal Mail and the DVLA property companies. The restructuring is meant to help the company stand out in the face of the changes is in the property industry. It manages most o London’s publicly owned properties.

Graham Edwards Telereal has been responsible for the direction and strategic position of Telereal Trillium for almost a decade. He is also the Chief Investment Officer of Talisman Global Assets, and a serves the B Pears Trust as a consultant. Graham formerly worked at Merrill Lynch Asset Management firm as the Fund Manager and the BT Group PLS as well.

On top of his now Executive Chairman Role at the Telereal Trillium Limited, Graham remains the director of Trillium Holdings Limited as well as the Director of the Flagstaff 2, Flagstaff 1 and Antham 1 Limited. Graham Edwards is an active member of the England and Wales Institute of Chartered Consultants ICAEW, member of the ASIP (United Kingdom Investment Professionals Society), as well as the AMCT (Corporate Treasurer’s Association).

All these experience in addition to his degree in Economics from the University of Cambridge make Graham Edwards the right person top lead Telereal Trillium as the Executive Chairperson.


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