Glen Wakeman the Aid of Young Entrepreneurs

Glen Wakeman is a writer and also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the LaunchPad Holdings LLC which is a SAAS company founded in the year 2015. Through this SAAS firm, Glen has enabled countless young entrepreneurs increase their growth rate in their respective businesses by offering online business planning services. Glen went to the University of Chicago and holds a BS in Economics and also has an MBA in Finance.

As a writer, Glen Wakeman writes on matters involving international fiscal, management and administration, strategies on how to run businesses, emerging markets including other factors in the field of business ( Glen has rose to fame for being a business revolutionary and also his mentoring and entrepreneurial spirit. He has responsibilities such as creating new performance strategies and providing guidance tips to upcoming companies. Wakeman does this by organization of the business ideas into fruitful plans but at a fee.

During an interview with ideamensch, Glen said that an idea and a plan can never be one and the same thing. He said it is mandatory for every entrepreneur to have the capability to convert idea into plans to minimize the risk of failure. His advice was that if one has an idea, before searching for capital from anyone, plan should come fast.

At the interview, Glen Wakeman also said that his typical day starts by him going through the numbers from the previous day that is performance, sales and cash in total. He then meets with his counterparts and shares among themselves the duties of that particular day and finally gets to work. He said the day ends with him having a cup of tea or coffee or maybe a margarita depending on how the day looked like.

Glen Wakeman also explained how he brings ideas to life by saying that he does so through explaining the ideas to those around him. He said by doing so it enables him to outline, think through them, know how to defend the ideas and finally bring them to reality. Glen also said that he is as productive as he is due to his high curiosity as it makes him innovative so as to satisfy his customers.


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