Glen Wakeman Helping Early-Stage Entrepreneurs Succeed

Beginning your own business can be energizing and fun and feels good when you start the journey of success like the most people around us. It requires some serious energy, time and enough money among other needs to keep your business flourishing. However, one factor which majority of young entrepreneurs usually ignore is the training part. Every successful business person needs to find out how to maintain a business to be fruitful, and that is the reason Glen Wakeman has got you secured. View Glen Wakeman’s profile

Glen Wakeman is the co-founder & chief executive officer of LaunchPad Holdings LLC. The organization was established in the year 2015 and is a SAAS enterprise that is completely automated and assists business people to make their ideas of activities into a workable arrangement. Thus, it provides various training resources including suggestions, tips and every other need from capital providers to advisors. To date, Glen is a business mentor to several potential growing business visionaries. With his demonstrated five-advance strategy he has helped innumerable growing organizations change the way they take a gander at their business and thrive. The five dimensions of performance are risk management, leadership, execution, human capital, and governance. With these elements, Glen Wakeman has tremendously changed different businesses.


Glen’s expertise work history is rich with accomplishments. Before, he operated with GE Capital for more than 20 years in key positions. These include operations management, general management, and business development. Glen was also a chief executive officer at the GE Money Latin America (AliveNewspaper). Another company he operated for is the Doral Financial Corporation where he also worked as the firm’s CEO, president, and the board’s chairman. The great business mentor pursued his Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton.

After that, Glen attended the University of Chicago where he acquired his Master of Business Administration in Finance in the year 1993. Glen is additionally a writer and an investor. The businessman is also the originator of Nova Four. The firms assist in offering capital and proper advice to growing businesses being a business accelerator. Glen likewise worked as the chief executive officer and board member of Nova Four and spends most of the time assisting other early-stage business people to grow. Follow Glen Wakeman’s profile on Twitter.

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