Dr. David Samadi and Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

Mitt Romney in the past was a presidential nominee for the Republican party. He just told the world that he went through prostate surgery in the summer of 2017. This was due to the fact that he had a tumor that was expanding in a slow manner. Dr. David Samadi received his tumor diagnosis toward the beginning of 2017. He was providing the public with information that pertained to his medical background. That means that there’s a strong chance that he’s going to attempt to replace Orrin Hatch. Hatch is a United States Senator who represents the state of Utah.

The University of California at Irvine in Irvine, California is home to a hospital. Dr. Thomas Ahlering works for this hospital. He also happens to be the individual who took care of Romney’s surgical needs. Roughly 161,630 males received prostate cancer diagnoses in 2017. Things are looking bright for Romney. His surgery went off without a hitch.

Prostate cancer is particularly common in males who are on the older side. The majority of cases are seen in men who are a minimum of 65 years in age. It’s not common at all in men who are younger than 40 years old. Men are usually around 66 years old when they find out that they have this kind of cancer. Romney is 70 years in age. There have been quite a few prominent politicians who have had prostate cancer surgery. Colin Powell used to be the Secretary of State. He had this surgery in 2003. His surgery involved the extraction of his prostate gland and took place at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. John Kerry had prostate surgery as well. This was in 2003 when he was working to land the presidency.

Men who have prostate cancer have to select radiation or surgical treatment. Many healthcare professionals favor surgery over radiation treatment. This is because fatalities are more common in cases of radiation treatment. Radiation can also make individuals more susceptible to other kinds of cancers. Examples of these are rectal and bladder cancer. Radiation can sometimes lead to side effects that can bring on the development of other medical issues.

David B. Samadi is a reputable doctor who has a position with Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. David Samadi is a urologist who graduated from Stony Brook University on Long Island in New York. David Samadi is part of the American Medical Association.

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