Digital Political Fundraising- NGP Van

The political sector has also been taking changing, and it has also transformed especially when it comes to organizing. Political organizing has changed from labor modifier to polished. Technology now allows a candidate to use data to connect to supporters in their campaign. The model used allows the candidates to locate their supporters and convince them to vote for them during the election day. The use of social media, technology as well as big information was widely used during the election and the re-election of former United States of America President Barrack Obama in 2008 and 2012. NGP Van was in the front line in organizing the campaign.



NGP Van was established with a primary purpose of helping candidates who are running for political office to run for their position successfully. For successful political campaigns, NGP Van assists the Democrats to utilize the mobile as well as web tools available fully. NGP VAN is a database company which is located in Washington DC and is mostly used by Democrats in their political campaigns. Besides being used by politicians in the United States, NGP is also used in Canada by the Liberal Party, as well as labor unions and progressive groups. The technology company is of great advantage to the Democrats and others who use their services as they are able to get data-driven campaigns which are authorized by technology. Technology has been changing and it is also necessary for politicians to keep up with the change. Political parties must stay notified of the technology trends to avoid falling during the campaigns. It might seem very easy to use the same methods of campaigns which were used in the past to win the elections, but the reality is technology has been changing and the same style can lead to failure.


NGP Van is a leader in the provision of technology for the Democrats. The organization is privately owned and it is responsible for providing database as well as web hosting services. In 2010 NGP Van was established by merging NGP Software which was founded in 2007 by Nathaniel Pearlman. NGP Van also conducts fundraising for non-profit organizations a platform that was launched in 2014 and it was named Every Action Fundraising Management.

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