David McDonald: COO and President of OSI Group Creates Euro Factory to Double Production

David Mcdonald, COO of OSI Group, is the president of the biggest meat company in the world (or at least in the United States). David McDonald has been involved with the food industry for 3 decades, starting out with his Iowa State Animal Science degree. David’s professional career has eclipsed many different great corporations and isn’t limited to just OSI. For quite some time, David was elected chairman of the whole North American Meat Institute.

David McDonald has been so productive with OSI that the group actually became one of the most lauded recipients of food industry awards in recent modern history. A glimpse into just some of the awards that OSI has won recently include the 2017 International Safety Award in the United Kingdom, multiple years of winning the “Sword of Honour” and “Globe of Honour” awards (again, United Kingdom), plus various awards in different places such as India, Austria, and Germany.

Countries like Spain, for example, are now the epicenter for distribution in OSI’s European operations. OSI has had such increased demand for their products and services that just last year the company opened a 22,600 square foot factory in Toledo, Spain, that is poised to produce two times the output as they were producing beforehand. Prior to the new Spanish plant there was only 12,000 tons of meat produced per year. Now, this number has virtually doubled to become 24,000 or more tons produced per year.

The physical building itself is going to be massive. At a price of roughly €17,000,000, the plant will also enable double the storage space and will be housing a new production area, a shipping unit, a break room for socializing, a climate-controlled space, and a food creation space for coming up with new products and idea. As it stands, there are over 160 workers at David’s new Toledo plant, and 12% of the 160 are in fact new hires who will help match OSI’s increasing demand. President David McDonald also added a top of the line fire elimination system in the building, as well as a new metal security fence and cameras. Last but not least, the new OSI facility consumes twenty percent less energy use its older plant did.

OSI Group is located in Illinois, and has been established in 1909. As of late, OSI creates a wide array of products for sale which include burger patties, toppings for pizzas, smoked meats, hot bacon products, hot dogs, and much more.

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