David Giertz Helps Young People Plan for Retirement

Many young people struggle with their finances. Few people start thinking about retirement until much later in life. David Giertz is a financial advisor with many years in the financial planning industry. He encourages people to start investing at a young age. He realizes how he can help people reach their goals by providing simple advice.

When people start investing while they are young, they are at a massive financial advantage over other people. With the strong economy, now is the perfect time for people to start investing for the future.

Career of David Giertz

David Giertz has worked hard throughout his career. While he was in college, he majored in finance. He learned all of the nuances of financial planning and investing. He also interned at a local financial firm. During this internship, he was able to help people with their finances. Budgeting is a critical aspect of financial planning. People who cannot control their spending have a tough time reaching their goals.

David is a firm believer in using technology to help with fundamental budgeting issues. There are various online tools for people to utilize to help control spending. One of the most significant problems for people is their food budget. Many families are so busy that they choose to eat dinner at restaurants every night. Eating at restaurants is much more expensive than cooking at home. Making just a few lifestyle changes can drastically improve a person’s financial position.


David believes that everyone should invest for the future. Some young people are hesitant to invest because they are worried about losing money. However, investing is critical for anyone who wants to build wealth. Investing does not have to be complicated. Many people have access to a 401(k) investment plan through their place of employment. A 401(k) is a perfect way to get started investing.

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