Daniel Taub: the Israeli Ambassador to the U.K

Daniel Taub is a multifaceted authority serving in diverse areas. Apart from being an Israeli diplomat, he is also a globally-recognized lawyer and a writer. Mr. Taub served as Israeli’s ambassador to the UK from 2011 to 2015. Daniel presented his personal documents to the queen when meeting her for the first time.

Daniel dressed stunningly but most striking was his freshly-cut graying hair. It portrayed him as the right person for the office he was assuming. For everyone who understood, the look communicated one thing; having been born in Britain, nothing would change his Jewish beliefs and practices despite having featured among the country’s prominent diplomats.

Explore More of Daniel’s Experiences

When assuming office, Daniel promised to bring Israeli and Britain closer. On completing his term after four years, Mr. Taub appreciates that he and many other people feel that he has done enough. The Jews living in Britain are among those who have experienced it firsthand. The guests who gathered in Daniel’s home for the farewell party felt more than sorry at the thought of him leaving.

They expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the envoy marked to have performed most excellently. Daniel has been active throughout, even going to the extent of addressing the media through platforms such as Today and Newsnight and academicians forums.

A Bit of Taub’s Personal Life

Daniel was born and bred in United States. He took his studies from U.S before moving to Israel in 1989, where he served as a medic of Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Being a multidimensional authority, Daniel also acted as a reserve officer in the international law of IDF. Read more: Daniel Taub | About and  Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

Before joining IDF, he had been a speechwriter to the Israeli president, Chaim Herzog. The skilled diplomat is also a celebrated family man married to Zehava.

Between them are six children who are popularly remembered for having performed a song in honor of Israeli’s 64th birthday. Daniel’s commitment to his causes got him receiving an award for vehemently supporting rising startups and upcoming entrepreneurs. You should also know that Taub is a remarkable author. He frequently writes editorials addressing issues affecting Middle East and Israel.

Unique Traits You Should Pick From Daniel Taub

Zeal and knowledge are some of the great things sustaining Daniel as a relevant leader in the industry. As such, these facets impact his confidence in boldly tackling issues touching on his daily endeavors. Through his pursuits, Daniel and his wife Zehava have appeared to be part of the Jewish community in every way.

With the fascinating spectrum of issues he has to handle daily, he may not be able to show up in every gathering as invited, but at least he does his very best. Daniel Taub is equally a good listener and enjoys taking time with British authorities even when they may not agree on particular issues.

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