Communication Made Simple with ClassDojo

Classroom management and communication are two of the most important components of an effective classroom. Throughout history, teachers have been given advice and tips on how to manage their classroom and how to communicate effectively with students, parents, other teachers, and administrators; but these strategies often fell flat when the time requirement and amount of documentation became overwhelming.

Enter ClassDojo in 2011; an innovative communications app that opens the door of today’s classroom and allows for clear, constant, and consistent communication between the teachers, students, parents, and administrators. ClassDojo is a K-8 program that is now available in 180 countries, and has been translated into 35 languages. ClassDojo can be downloaded to any device, and has a transparent privacy policy which includes a 12 month deletion policy.

Offered free for teachers, ClassDojo and is completely editable to meet the unique needs of each classroom. Teachers create avatars for each students, and choose what qualities they want to reward such as participation, hard work, kindness, etc. Teachers can also create negative qualities that will lose points such as off task, negative attitude, missing supplies, etc.

Students and teachers can upload photos, and videos to their digital portfolio that can be accessed by parents, team teachers, and administrators so that they can see the day to day activity of the classroom. Teacher teams can share a classroom, allowing for immediate communication about student behavior.

Teachers and parents can communicate through an instant message option at any time during the day. Parents can select notification options that allow them to know immediately when students receive or lose points. This gives parents peace of mind, especially with new students or students with special needs.

In short, ClassDojo is a wonderful app that has stepped in to provide an effective, efficient classroom management and communication tool for K-8 teachers everywhere.

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