ClassDojo Partners In Order To Teach Children Mindfulness

ClassDojo recently partnered with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence in order to teach students around the world the concept of mindfulness. This new curriculum will teach children how to deeply breathe, control their emotions, and in so doing find their inner calm. In addition to being taught mindfulness in school, the curriculum also includes short videos and guides that students and their parents can use at home.

ClassDojo’s app and materials are used in almost 90% of elementary and junior high schools across the United States. Their products have been translated into 35 languages which are available in both the US and schools in other countries. Many students experience stress and mindfulness will be a very handy tool for them to use when confronted with stressful situations.

ClassDojo is a company that has an app and other products that help create a positive classroom culture. Their products are also used to connect teachers, parents, and students so that communication is much easier and more frequent. The app allows teachers to let parents know what their child is doing in school that day through text, pictures, and video. It’s the first communication platform that helps parents stay in the loop versus only going to a parent-teacher conference once or twice a year.

Another function of the app that ClassDojo provides is Student Stories. This part of the app allows students to create their own digital portfolios that can include pictures and video. They can share their creation with their parents by sending it to them through the app.


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