The Chainsmokers Look to Evolve With New Record and Direction

It would be easy to forget that The Chainsmokers are still a relatively new band in the world of pop music. Despite perpetually living on top of the Billboard Top 40, artists Alex Pall and Drew Taggart are still honing in on the skills that are going to carry them forward throughout their career. Recently The Chainsmokers released a new single, titled ‘Sick Boy’, and it showcased the new direction that the pop-DJ duo is planning on heading in. The Chainsmokers are calling this the next step in their new ‘era’ and it is looking like it’ll be the biggest one yet.

Alex Pall and Drew Taggart were just two musicians living and working in New York City when they were connected by a mutual friend. After being connected it was quickly revealed that the two had serious chemistry and similar aspirations in the world of music. So they quickly set to work and turned music into their job and their job into one of the biggest pop acts in the entire world. The ‘Closer’ and ‘Paris’ stars tapped in on an EDM/DJ craze that was either rising at the same time as them or rising BECAUSE of them. Either way, The Chainsomkers proved early on that they were here to stay.

With their early success, Taggart and Pall came to the realization that they had more freedom in how they were going to pursue their future endeavors. ‘Sick Boy’ marks a marked departure from how their past songs have felt. Taggart points out that ‘Sick Boy’ is the first track that the duo has released over the past nine months which is a dramatic departure from their typical, grind-it-out schedule of constant releases. Taggart says that they like to be ‘current’ with the pop culture scene but it was nice to sit back and have the freedom to take their time.

all have always been active in the songwriting department for their tracks, ‘Sick Boy’ is elevated more by their decision to put Taggart on lead vocals for the first time in the band’s career. Is this the beginning of a complete reinvention of The Chainsmokers?

Kim Dao Visits The Zao Fox Village

Kim Dao, a popular fashion and make-up YouTube personality, has a growing a fan base of over three hundred thousand members. With such a large fan base Kim Dao keeps them entertained and engaged with make-up tutorials, reviews, and a travel video logs or simply, vlogs. One of her videos, “Japan Vlog: Zao Fox Village in JAPAN” is a popular video with over fifty thousand views. In this vlog, Kim Dao visits the Zao Fox Village located in Miyagi, Japan. The Fox Village is a location where visitors can watch foxes in an isolated area. Visitors are warned against petting foxes as they are prone to biting. The video documents groups of foxes, including an all-black and an all-white fox. Kim Dao then states that visitors can pay one hundred yen to feed the foxes from an elevated platform. The foxes wait in groups below the platform hoping to snag the food before their fellow foxes. In multiple instances, a fox will scale the wall of the elevated platform in an attempt to get the food from Kim Dao. Afterwards, an all-white fox urinates on Kim Dao’s left sock. With an entry fee of 1000 yen, Kim Dao states that visiting during the winter season provides a great visual contrast between the snow and the orange fur of the foxes. After highly recommending her viewers visit the Zao Fox Village, the video closes with end screen annotations. Kim Dao’s voice then asks where she should visit next.