A talk with Sean Penn on his interesting work: “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”

Sean Penn sat down with Vogue to discuss how he has no intention to act anymore, pushing his new book “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”. He also sat down with Trevor Noah, to discuss his book as well. Penn who has always been politically vocal, told Noah that the book is meant to look at “the dark nature of humans” and how democratic values can fall quickly to fascist tendencies. The story tells of Bob Honey, an angry american, who feels left behind, and has a side job of killing older citizens with a mallet. Bob seems to justify these murders because these senior citizens stand in the way of “progress.”

The book may be a satire, that Noah had a hard time giving words to describe, but Bob seems to be aligned with the current events that have occurred in the U.S.. For example, Bob witnesses the U.S. election in 2016, and even writes an angry letter to the current U.S. president, who he says is unfit for the office. Penn tells Vogue that this book lies on a parallel plane to the issues of the #METOO movement. He also tells Noah that Bob is a symbol for the citizen that is compelled to serve his country, but lacks any purpose of direction. Bob seems to be lost, and still has a need. This seems to reflect Penn’s critique of fascism and democracy.

Aside from just the book, Penn talks of his reasons for writing it. He loathed Trump’s comments towards “sh*t hole countries” in which he feels there are racist undertones. He also discusses his relationship with Hugo Chavez, and its current downfall into political turmoil. He also discusses the bad outcome of the war on drugs in Mexico and how is interview with El Chapo was crucial. Penn seems to have a distaste for American’s current state, and it seems that Bob symbolizes where Penn stands on American affairs.

Wikipedia explores the book’s plot more: