Whitney Wolfe Herd Has A New Plan For Bumble

Making a successful dating app is an achievement in and of itself. You have to put up with incredible competition just to stand a chance and there’s no certainty you’ll win. Whitney Wolfe Herd did all of this and so much more with Bumble. Bumble is now more popular than any other dating app and its done this by making a point of empowering women to make all of the decisions. Unlike other dating apps, all encounters between men and women start when the woman makes the first move. This ensures that sexual harassment is kept at a minimum on the app’s platform relative to others.

Whitney Wolfe Herd isn’t satisfied with just controlling the most popular dating app. She wants to have power in social media and business as well. She’s no longer in the dating world herself and she doesn’t want her apps to revolve around it either. Bumble BFF is an example of one of her attempts to branch out into something much more powerful than dating. It’s an attempt to change social media by defining everything by a single swipe and visuals with a framework derived from dating apps. The model seems to be paying off as many people enjoy it.

Getting into the business world is the next stage for Bumble. An entire generation has come of age with apps and this is going to give them a way to come full circle. They will meet their future business partners in a similar manner to their dating partners. This new way of career networking is helping countless people decide exactly what they’re going to do with themselves. It’s aiming at other networking sites and it seems to be working so far. People absolutely love the way Bumble works and how it gives women control over their business networking.

To reach the heights Whitney Wolfe Herd has is always something to appreciate. She has managed to get much further than the vast majority of entrepreneurs and she’s really redefining the way we think about so much around us. There are few people who can say they’ve changed dating and business by themselves much less with a single app. The exact impact of Whitney Wolfe Herd isn’t something we’ll fully understand until we see Bumble age some and let its effects be felt. However, things seem to be going pretty well for Bumble and seems that Wolfe has plenty to gloat about for now and more