Cancer Treatment Centers of America New Creation

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been crafting and working on some incredible new work and systems lately trying to find new ways for physicians and patients to get what they need and are looking for. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has created Clinical Pathways, and it is ultimately the best thing to ever exist because it is going to give you and provide that new opportunity to get the knowledge and They are an incredible team of professionals looking for ways to help improve the way that with their patients.

The way it works is very simple but just as This new system can let physicians find out what a patient is currently going through even after they have seen progress or seen a decline in improvement. The company created this system so that physicians can see what it is that a patient needs without ruining or disrupting the way they do business. Those who are struggling with a specific can use this to see what types of procedures or treatments they can have as one of their options.

Patients who want to know about the best procedure and also the one that’s the that a patient could be thinking about. They’re great to learn about and go through because they can help with guiding any patient to their problem. There are all kinds of people who just genuinely love the beauty of how this new technology is going to help physicians find out what their patients what they really need.

The definitely wants to provide solutions for those who are going through serious troubles and problems with their cancer. They provide the best service and can guarantee delivery of all kinds of cancer.

Omar Yunes Wins Award for Sushi Itto

Omar Yunes is an entrepreneur who has finally found the thing that works for him. The Sushi Itto company is something that Omar Yunes is confident in and something that he has been able to make international because of the options that he has put into it. He has also made sure that things are going to be able to be handled the right way so that people can choose to do different things with the company. He recently won an award for the company. He was named as one of the best franchises in the world and has taken that award and run with it. He knows that he needs to continue doing more to make sure that he deserves the award and to make sure that he can win different things so that he will be able to continue growing his business no matter what he has going on.

One of the things that Omar Yunes aimed to do with his company is making it larger and better than it was in the past. While Sushi Itto used to only be a Japanese company, it is now international and that has made a huge difference for Omar Yunes because he is the one who made it international. He grew the company and opened up the first franchise of Sushi Itto outside of Japan. This allowed him the chance to make a huge difference in the company and show people what they could get out of Sushi Itto when they were in Mexico.

Omar Yunes was not sure how Sushi Itto would be in Mexico. While it was a very popular chain restaurant in Japan, he knew that sushi was much more popular in that area. He wanted to show people that there was more to offer in the world of sushi especially in Mexico. By doing this, he allowed people the chance to make a difference in their lives and with different opportunities that they had. Because of Omar Yunes, people in Mexico now not only know that Sushi Itto is a brand that exists but they frequent the locations for food.

The Battles Worth Fighting For

To understand what Avaaz does, or what it’s purpose is, one needs only to look at the origin of its name. Avaaz, in Persian, means voice. It also is a word similar to voice in many other languages in Asian, European and Middle Eastern languages. Their purpose follows, then, to be a voice for the issues that exist on a local, national, international and global scale.

Using the Internet to mobilize and organize, Avaaz gives activists everywhere the place and support they require to have their movement be a success. What issues do they support? Primarily ones considered to be progressive or liberal. The decision to support these issues, however, comes from the members or activists themselves. Avaaz puts issues in a poll-form and asks its members (a random sample of members) to vote on an issue. The one who receives the most support is then pushed forward, and activists begin work on whatever form of activism they think best fits the issue at hand.

Specifically, Avaaz promotes nonviolent forms of protest and activism. Their methods revolve around sit-ins, rallies, phone-ins, and media friendly stunts. Some of these stunts, for example, was placing pigs made of cardboard and placing them on the doorstep of the World Health Organization to demand an investigation into the link between swine flu and pig farms. Recently, they’ve also aided in the civil uprising in Syria and even coordinate the evacuation of Paul Conroy, a British Photographer, from Homs. Activists were lost in this evacuation.
If there is an activist movement happening, it is likely organized by Avaaz.

Part of the credibility of an activist or movement organization depends on its method of funding. Avaaz refuses donations from corporations and foundations and only accepts small donations from its members. Avaaz seeks to empower its members.

Avaaz: The Voice of Global Unity

Avaaz is a Persian word meaning “voice” in many Middle Eastern, Asian and European languages. The Avaaz organization was founded in 2007 and is based in the United States. Avaaz is aptly named because they try to give a voice to global concerns and allow people from all over the world to come together online and take a stand on issues they feel are important. Avaaz was founded by Ricken Patel who serves as the President and executive director of the organization. He has a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard. He worked with the International Crisis Group in Sierra Lione, Sudan, and other conflict-ridden nations as part of his job there. When Patel returned to the United States, he volunteered for and learned about online activism.
Avaaz members support causes including global action on climate change and building global support for refugees. Their mission is to organize citizens of all nations to close the space between the world we have and the world most people want. They campaign in fifteen languages and have a principle team on six continents. There are thousands of volunteers around the world as well. Avaaz members sign petitions and fund media campaigns. They also send emails, make calls, and lobby the governments of countries in which they want to see change happen.
Each year the group’s priorities are set through polls sent out to every member. Campaign ideas are polled and tested weekly through random ten thousand member sample polls. Campaigns that complete the process and reach full membership are then joined by hundreds of thousands of Avaaz members sometimes in a matter of hours or days. The staff listens to its members and then suggests actions instead of pushing their own agendas on their members. Avaaz is completely member funded so it is not swayed by corporate investors.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

Bruce Bent II Revolutionizes The Cash Management Industry

Bruce Bent II attended Northeastern University where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Philosophy. He has since been propelled into many entrepreneurial ventures that have allowed him to build a wide variety of experience and expertise in his field. He has worked in intellectual property, financial technologies, business and consumer consul times, healthcare financing, among many others.

He is a member of the Young Presidents Organization which is a peer network that interconnects almost 10,000 global leaders in business. He is also a board member of the 99 Jane Street Condominium Association and is involved with the Entrepreneurs’ Organization in Manhattan. He previous was the finance chairman of the Gotham Chapter of the Young Presidents’ Organization and also served on the Presidents’ Advisory Council of Scenic Hudson. During his time on the Presidents’ Advisory Council, he was an integral part in working to preserve the Hudson River and riverfront, and restore it to its original health.

Bent is recognized to be an accomplished CEO that has the experience to make an impact on any organization and lead it to success. He is known to be an innovative and technologically aware entrepreneur with success in business, financial, and market demands. He able to turn around profit, take appropriate risks, and propel companies toward the success they are striving for.

Bent is currently the Vice Chairman and President of the leading financial technology company, Double Rock Corporation. He has proven himself to be the industry’s most successful and progressive person that is able to improve cash management and cash related situations. Bent has several patents under his own name that considered to be foundation of all of Double Rock’s companies. His vision is highly influential and has led to many relevant products and technologies to be integrated into the financial services industry. It is due to these successes that Bent has been able to expand FDIC insured sweep programs and transform them into a cash management landscape that is currently a multi trillion dollar industry. Bent is also accredited with creating a contribution loan plan solutions that reduces borrowing by 25% in the company Access Control Advantage.

Australian lingerie company Honey Birdette planning big expansion in U.S. and U.K.

The Australian luxury lingerie company, Honey Birdette, may only have been in existence since 20016, but it has not stopped them from expanding quickly.

In just that short time, Honey Birdette already has 55 stores in Australia and three in the United Kingdom, as well as a website whose sales are growing rapidly. So much so, Honey Birdette has just launched an American version of the site as sales of their lingerie are taking off in the U.S.

Expansion plans in the U.S. and U.K. are not stopping with just a website and a couple of shops, however. In fact, Honey Birdette is planning to open 37 more stores in the U.K. between now and the end of 2018, and is also looking at retail space in the U.S.

If that was not enough, Europe is also being looked at, with planned openings in major European cities coming up in the next couple of years.

Honey Birdette’s U.S. website is also going well as American customers now realize they can order briefs, bras and bedroom toys easily, and have their packages mailed to them in just a couple of days.

Honey Birdette was founded in 20016 after entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan sat down with a friend one night over drinks, and both women bemoaned the lack of luxury underwear stores in Australia.

Not one to just sit around and complain, however, Monaghan decided to solve that problem herself and Honey Birdette was born soon after.

Now they sell not only the lingerie Monaghan and her friend wanted, but also a line of massage candles, as well as S&M pieces like leather crops, whips, collars and cuffs.

Everything is designed in house, and the entire company is backed by BBRC, the private investment firm that has been backing Australian retail business ventures for more than 25 years.


Omar Yunes: A Master of Franchise Development and Management

Being awarded the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) Award marks an important milestone in the checkered entrepreneurial history of Omar Yunes. It was the crowning glory of a successful venture he started as a 21-year old ambitious young man. At the award gala held in Florence, Italy, industry players recognized Mr. Yunes’ incredible success as one of the franchisees of the Japanese restaurant chain, Sushi Itto. Starting off with one unit in one city, Omar Yunes has grown his franchisee portfolio to include 13 units operating in three cities in Mexico. His 13 units, which have over 400 employees, account for 10 percent of the franchise network.

The BFW award was in recognition of Omar Yunes’ excellent management track record marked by innovative ideas. This has significantly improved how franchisees like Omar Yunes relate with the franchise owners. He was also selected from the numerous entries submitted from around the world because of the excellent information management system that he has implemented across all the 13 units he operates. Across all the units, Mr. Yunes developed effective human resource management policies that ensure greater motivation for the employees. The award also recognized the clear management boards implemented across all the units. Present at the awards was Sushi Itto’s chief executive officer who extolled Omar Yunes’ contribution in promoting excellent management and positive influence on the Sushi Itto’s franchise.

Entrepreneurial Efforts

Omar Yunes has divested his investments beyond the hospitality and hotel industry. He has investments not only in Mexico but also in the United States and Spain. His primary industry interest beyond the Sushi Itto franchise units is real estate. Over the years, he has invested millions dollars in luxurious condominiums in Mexico and the United States. Mr. Yunes owns several properties in Polanco, Mexico where he bought and renovated several properties in high-end condos. He also owns condos in Manhattan. In 2010, he bought five companies in Oviedo, in the Spanish region of Asturias. In Mexico, he also owns Yandai SA, which is the company behind his franchisee business. He is also the owner of the Mexican company, Planta de Ideas SA.

Bruce Bent II: The New York Financial Investor Tycoon

Is your business in need of financial and scale growth? Have you ever heard of the magnificent and extraordinary Bruce Bent from New York? Well he is an amazing financial investor in the greater New York City area who strives to help the people around him to have a very successful and lucrative business. Bent has been involved in too many ventures that make him easily recognizable when around local businesses. Some of his amazing entrepreneur ventures include financial technologies, intellectual property, consumer goods, financial business consulting and health care.

All of his success would not be possible without his education because that is very important when it comes to creating companies and making sure they are successful. Bent attended Northeastern University in 1990 with a wonderful Bachelor of Science degree in Philosophy. Bent was always an intelligent and hardworking student when it came to his important studies. He always made sure that he knew everything about the class material. Bent would always ask questions if he was confused or simply lost because he wanted to make sure he acquired the highest grade possible in each of his classes. He participated in a lot of class discussions and presentations which helped him to demonstrate a lot of useful skills which will eventually help him later in life.

After college, he immediately put himself to work and went with Double Rock Corporation in 1991. He started as a regular corporate executive where he would climb up the corporate ladder until he would eventually become the Chief Executive Officer, Vice Chairman and President for the company itself. He was in charge of spearheading all operations, relating to financial support and technology solutions to various retail markets that asked for their superb assistance and intelligent support. After being successful for so many years, Bent decided to have a side project, which eventually became known as B2 Consulting, LLC, where would have similar tasks like Double Rock Corporation but a much smaller scale. Bent would help small business and start-ups to catapult themselves to success and having the ability to expand to make a good amount of profit to stay in business. At the end of the day, Bent knows that he is helping his community and anyone else who wants to succeed in life.

Avaaz is a Progressive Voice in a Changing World.

Avaaz means “voice” in many Indo European languages.

But the organization Avaaz, the most powerful online activist network in the world, is a “voice” which cannot be silenced in the face of injustice, discrimination, and corruption.

With an audience of nearly 45 million, the progressive activist group shapes opinion on climate change, government corruption, poverty, racism and other regional and national issues. They have a global outreach but the organization is based in New York and effectively gathers like-minded participants to effect change.

The organization makes an impact through petitions, demonstrations, and funding independent press.

After the election of Donald Trump, Avaaz gathered more than 4.5 million signature on a petition in the form of a letter to the newly elected president.

“The world rejects your fear, hate-mongering, and bigotry. We reject your support for torture, your calls for murdering civilians, and your general encouragement of violence,” read the letter.

Avaaz continues its battle on the front lines in the resistance to the election of President Trump.

Climate change awareness is also a call to action. The activist group supports and promotes the efforts of the 21 students who have filed a lawsuit against the federal government for not educating and protecting its citizens.

Another campaign which Avaaz draws attention to is the use of pregnant horse blood. This global market often times kills horses and their foals as their blood is used to make hormone for pigs to reproduce more quickly.

Rickin Patel is a co-founder and President of the organization. The Harvard-educated political scientist has global experience in election monitoring, mediation, and addressing political corruption. His work at taught him the power of using online tools for activism.

The group has been able to raise over $20 million in online donation and has stopped taking donations from foundations and corporations since 2009.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter @avaaz

Cassio Audi – From Music to Finance

  1. Cassio Audi is a businessman who works in the business of finance. He is an expert in many of the fields of Finance and has acquired and developed a vast set of skills. His career has been very successful as he has been working at a variety of establishments in the sector of Finance. Mr. Cassio Audi has contributed significantly to the companies he has served at. He graduated from the University of Sao Paulo with an MBA in Finance. He also has a bachelor’s in Business Administration.


Originally, from Sao Paulo, Brazil Mr. Cassio Audi has been working at Brazilian establishments for more than 20 years. He has many qualifications such as development and implementing strategies. Mr. Cassio Audi has become a strong and capable leader over the course of his career. He has developed quite the analytical skills as well. Mr. Cassio Audi has been described by his colleagues and employers as an open person who is straightforward in their requests and ideas. He is active in fundraising and is good at creating business models and strategies as well.


Before he dedicated his career to the sector of finance, Mr. Cassio Audi was in a Brazilian heavy metal band. It was quite the dramatic transition for Mr. Cassio Audi has truly found the best industry for him to be a part of. The heavy metal band he was a part of is called Viper. The group has been active on and off from 1985 until now. There are currently four members of the band, and they have released a few albums. The Viper heavy metal band also has a documentary which is about one hour long and was self-produced. Mr. Cassio Audi is not featured in the documentary as his dedicated is directed at his calling which is the sector of Finance.