Todd Lubar: An Active Businessman and Philanthropist

TDL Global Ventures LLC is one of the most competitive companies in the field of real estate, finances, and investment. The company experienced fast growth in the last few years, and they owe their success to their president, Todd Lubar. He is a popular businessman in the industry because of how he manages his company. He is the president of the TDL Global Ventures LLC, and he is also serving as Legendary Investments’ senior vice president. His role with these companies highlights his ability to become an effective leader, and because of his skills and expertise in doing business, he knew that the companies he led would keep on becoming successful. For more details visit Inspirery.

He is currently based in Potomac, Maryland, and Lubar is actively participating in a lot of philanthropic works that are dedicated to the local population. He is one of the most charitable people in the city, and he has contributed a lot to the people living in Potomac. He knew that helping these people would change their lives, and he also wanted to become a part of their transformation. He would also provide scholarship programs to children who wanted to go to school, and he is raising them to become responsible members of the society. By inspiring the people, he knew that he would be able to change the society as a whole. Check out

Starting a career in the financial sector, he stated that he is now more comfortable working with the real estate sector. Todd Lubar, who is a graduate of Syracuse University, had previous working experience in the banking sector. He is active with the departments who are processing mortgage and construction banking. However, he decided to move out of the industry and set up his own business which would lead to him being recognized as one of the top mortgage originators in the country. Today, he is using his business to help the people who would want to buy their properties. Todd Lubar keeps on excelling in the field of business, and he believes that he can do better and place his company in a higher position. He is now working to make his company a global player.

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Desiree Perez; On A Mission To Revive Tidal

Desiree Perez is the CEO of popular music streaming service, Tidal. For a long time, the service has been regarded as an underdog, but Desiree is confident that she can spur a change of fortunes. She boasts of a hugely successful career, having prospered while she was honcho at SC Enterprise. Her pledge to improve Tidal is coming to fruition, and the rapid increase in subscription numbers is a testament to this. Also, their leading musicians, including Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Kanye West have all have successful album launches.  Know the above Updates, check on

On the online front, the application had ground-breaking performances. Over a million new downloads were recorded on Google Play and iTunes. This unprecedented success is attributed to the relentless efforts put in by Desiree in a bid to save Tidal’s name.

Aside from being an excellent boss, Desiree is a skilled negotiator as well. Her tough stance no her beliefs often sees her get the best out of a deal. Some of the noteworthy closures she has overseen include the record-breaking deal between R&B queen Rihanna and global electronics giant Samsung as well as masterminding the hugely successful Formation Tour by Beyoncé.  Read more on

With his spouse and other eminent individuals, Desiree Perez is a member of the Hova Circle of Influence. The group is made of the brains that run Jay Z’s multimillion franchise, ROC Nation, which is an umbrella of companies, including Tidal. Know more about Perez,  Follow her on

As a measure to match its competitors, Tidal has shifted its focus towards young consumers. For this reason, the company has added a lot of newbies musicians to its portfolio, which hitherto consisted of mainly notable names. Moreover, the product line has received a massive facelift, with Tidal Discovery, Tidal X, and Tidal Rising being added.

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Within the short time that Desiree has been at the helm, Tidal’s revenues have gone up from meager to respectable figures. Though many entrepreneurs have offered to buy out the firm, Desiree Perez has refused the offers. She remains defiant and confident that her efforts will avert bankruptcy.