Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff-A Blistering Piece by Sean Penn

Sean Penn is one of the most decorated writers, actor, producer, and director you will ever meet in life. Penn, who has always had a thing for acting, broke the barriers when he took up his writing role. Today, Penn has something more than a fancy title to his name. He is the author of “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff,” a novel that has fascinated readers from all walks of life.

The book which outlines the story of a septic-tank salesman cum contract assassin has gotten termed by many as a riddle within an enigma. Huh, what a combination! Sean, the brains behind the novel has written a poem dubbed “MeToo,” material that has evoked a lot of mixed reactions among the masses.


All of this hullaballoo is pretty new to Sean, given that Penn has spent a lot of his time on film rather than on writing. Regardless, Penn feels confident about his abilities primarily because all the ideas outlined in the novel are as original as they come.


Sean has found writing to be a thrill. As opposed to acting, writing gives you a one-off opportunity to express yourself. Therefore, you do not have to prove yourself to anyone like in a film. Penn, who has since lost interest in film, is now concentrating on his career in putting pen to paper. At the moment, Sean Pen is creating yet another book that will hit the headlines like his first.


Mr. Penn, who has also coined a reputation of being a straight talker, has always wanted something challenging, and film production is not that thing anymore. Sean terms showbiz as a field that only encourages self-censoring rather than creativity. Penn, who has since distanced himself from film production, is now a free soul, an individual who can exploit his God-given abilities to the fullest.



The ‘ex-actor’ has his sights set on American politics. Recall, Sean is as straightforward as they come. Therefore, there is no way Sean Penn will mince his words in an atmosphere ravaged by a lot of political atrocities and animosity. Unknown to many is that Sean is also a philanthropist.


2010 is the year and Haiti the place where it all broke down. Penn set up shop in Haiti shortly after the earthquake to help the affected rebuild their lives. Haiti is now better than ever all thanks to Sean and many others who gave their all to see a country ravaged by calamity prosper.


Mr. Sean, who also owns a Non-profit Organization, has been able to boost humanitarian and relief efforts in Haiti since 2010, something that always makes Penn feel accomplished. Many people might term Sean as one hell of a strange guy but the bottom line is that Penn knows who he is.