Securus Technologies Deploys Wireless Containment System

For over thirty years, corrections industry constituents comprising of corrections facilities, inmates, families as well as friends and acquaintances of inmates have solely relied on the technology provided by Securus Technologies with the assistance of its predecessor firms to solve the crime menace. Also designed to fulfill their need to safeguard the community, Securus Technologies has in the recent years strategically executed a modern and evolutionary growth strategy by partnering with organizations and people who provide complementary products and services that go beyond communication. Recently, Securus Technologies announced the launch of the Wireless Containment System. Besides this emerging project, the organization announced its partnership with one ex-corrections officer, Mr. Robert Johnson.

Background Data

Mr. Robert Johnson has been narrating his nasty ordeal for about seven years now. He says that on one beautiful morning, like any other typical working day, he was preparing to go to work. In the process, he heard a disruptive bang on the door. Of course, he was frightened by the bang because the hours were too odd for a visit. Also, he was not expecting anyone at that moment. So being the courageous man that he is, he stood still, waiting for the intruder to get into his house. A few seconds later, the intruder was inside his home. Since his wife was asleep, Johnson called his assailant to the hallway. As a caring husband, Mr. Robert Johnson did not want his wife to get shocked by the presence of the intruder in their house. He made sure that his wife was not harmed in any way.

Johnson Works With Securus Technologies

What followed has seen Johnson nurse physical and emotional wounds for over seven years now. On the same day that he was attacked, the assailant shot Johnson in the chest. He was admitted to the hospital and has been going through corrective surgery until now. After the entire ordeal, Mr. Johnson made a concrete decision to work with corrections facilities and enforcement agencies to enhance safety in the community. Every day, he narrates his ordeal and remembers vividly just how traumatizing it was not only for him but his family as well.

Additional Information

With that said, Securus Technologies has launched new software to prevent such like crimes from reoccurring to other people. The Wireless Containment System utilizes a secure network that allows calls to be monitored by corrections facilities. When the management receives a call, it decides which calls should be barred and which ones should be allowed to go through.


For Securus Technologies, the aim is to keep cell phones and contrabands away from inmates. Through this Wireless Containment System, this has been possible. It is also critical to note that emergency calls and calls from the management are allowed to go through the network. Conclusively, the cell phone detection system has helped to prevent crime.

Securing the Correction Space through Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a world leading company in the provision of criminal and civil justice technology resolutions for investigation, corrections, monitoring and public safety. With the leadership of Rick Smith, the prison technology company provides technology that defends the society making the prison environment safer and better. The firm is committed to delivering resolutions that focus on averting and solving crimes in the free world and also in the cells by inmates.


According to the Chief Executive Officer of the firm, Mr. Rick Smith, on average, the company creates a new service or product that assists correction and law execution officials to prevent and solve crimes. Rick acknowledges that they receive thousands of emails and letters concerning what they develop and how what they do assists in keeping the society, as well as the inmates and their families safer. Smith concludes by saying that growing safety into what they do is the primary focus of the company, and they count it as an honor to serve and protect the society.


Securus Technologies recently signed a Stock Purchase Contract to procure JPay Inc. JPay is a leading technology firm that established email, electronic payments, and a group of educational and entertainment related applications to the incarceration space, and it presently operates in over 32 country prison systems. The utilization of these technologies significantly enhances the ability of the correction agency to prevent crime, relegate waste, and downgrade recidivism. The digital platform allows the inmates to access books, email, shopping, games, music, and education.


With its headquarters in Dallas, TX, Securus Technologies works together with more than 3,460 law execution, correction and public safety organizations and more than1,250,000 inmates throughout North America. The company is committed to partnering and connecting through the provision of investigations, incident management, biometric analysis, emergency response, communication, information management, inmate self-service, and also inspecting products and services to make the world a more secure place to live.


Securus Technologies is a Great Communicative Program for Inmates and Their Visitors

Securus Technologies may be providing a form of communications for today’s correctional facilities that wasn’t ever necessarily ever available before. It is highly recommended for citizens to encourage their local courts to have Securus Technologies installed in their correctional facilities’ communications systems if it’s not already installed in them. Securus Technologies is offering a myriad of benefits to its users, most particularly, providing them with opportunities of communicating with one another via methods of videoconferencing in which they can talk to each other face to face without interruptions, as servers are strong, fast, and secure. The only parties who may have access to the conversations aside from those who will primarily be speaking to one another are law enforcement officials and the courts should any type(s) of investigations need to be conducted. It is important to note for both parties that the conversations may be monitored and used in courts should any kinds of illegal matters be spoken about, therefore, it is highly recommended for them to avoid engaging in or speaking about illegal matters.


Securus Technologies employs some of the most proficient professionals to handle the customer service department, thus, giving current and prospective users an adequate amount of assurance of knowing that they can rely on good qualities of assistance if and when needed. If you need to ask them any questions, please do not hesitate to do so, as you can expect legitimate answers that should provide you with optimal solutions to any issues you may have been having. Now is the time for you to reach out to an inmate as they may be needing some solace during difficult times. Confinement in a correctional facility can be quite lonely. If you would like to show an inmate that you are there for them, please feel free to install and utilize Securus Technologies today.