End Citizens United Fights Rick Scotts Use of a SuperPAC to Skirt Campaign Finance Laws

End Citizens United continues to fight against the landmarks Supreme Court Ruling that allowed for the creation of SuperPACs, by filing a lawsuit agaist Rick Scott. The complaint was filled with the Federal Election Commission, the organization that oversees election campaigns. The complaint alleges that Scott skirted rules that prevent SuperPACS from working with any one campaign directly.

Rick Scott was the chariman of the New Repulican PAC before he annouced his decision to run for Senate. After he annouced his canidacy the SuperPAC pledged to support him as much as possible. SuperPACS are allowed to raise as much money as they like and to donate to whomever they like, but canadiates are not allowed to work directly with a SuperPAC. The complaint alledges that if Rick Scott had not been the chairman of the SuperPAC, that New Reblicans would not have donated $78 million dollars to his campaign.

End Citizens United has documents that support there assertion that Rick Scott is more intersted in raising funds and skirting the law than he is in actually running a good campaign and being a good senator. They assert that he is funneling “soft money” into a SuperPAC and then having it donated to his campaign. This money, they alledge would normally be used for the next Presidential campaign, rather than Scott’s senatorial campaign. Scott’s relationship to the Super PAC is suspect and the Federal Election Commision will investigate this complaint and give voters the important information they deserve to know.

Regardless of the outcome of the ruling by the Federal Election Campaign, End Citizens United is continuing to fight for the little guy and do their part to overturn the ruling that led to the use of SuperPACS. This complaint is just one example of the ways that End Citizens United is working to expose corruption in campaign finance and uphold the principles on which they were founded.

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The Efforts that George Soros has made to Support Democracy and Human Rights

George Soros is currently the owner and chairperson of the world’s second-largest charity foundation. He recently gave $18 billion to support the philanthropic work of the Open Societies Foundation. Soro has always devoted himself to offering financial aid to facilitate liberal causes. He has been running the organization since 1979, and its first significant activity was assisting the young blacks in South Africa to attend school despite being oppressed by the apartheid rule. It has also been holding campaigns to support justice and equality across the planet. The Open Societies Foundation is now listed as the second largest philanthropy organization on the globe after the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation.

The Forbes Magazine ranked Soros as the 20th wealthiest individual in the United States before he made the $18 billion donation. His net worth was about $23 billion. He is 87 years old and has had a significant impact on the lives of many people globally. George Soros grew up in Hungary and completed his college education at the London School of Economics. He came from a low-income family and had to work at a railway and a nightclub to raise his school fees. The billionaire has given the Open Societies Foundation over $14 billion since 1984 to advocate for human rights and democracy around the world. He has been moving billions of dollars to Soros Fund Management, which has made significant investments in his charity foundation.

The liberal billionaire has been giving away his money to charity silently for years. Soros Fund Management has been operational since 1969 and is among the world’s most successful hedge fund management enterprises. George Soros made $1.5 billion in 1992 when he short sold the British pound. He has currently transformed Soros Fund Management into a family office that controls most of his money.

For years now, the Democratic Party has been getting financial support from the billionaire. He has made significant donations to support the election of various Democratic politicians and has been highly criticized by Republicans. Soros often disapproved the administration of George W. Bush when he was the U.S. president and even supported groups that campaigned against him. He has also opposed various actions of the President Trump’s government. In 2012, he was among the major donors who funded President Obama’s campaigns. The billionaire also gave a total of about $10 million to the PACs that participated in Hillary Clinton’s campaigns in 2016.

The Open Societies Foundation’s focus is on supporting international charity causes, and it has offices in New York, Budapest, Brussels, and London. It has employed more than 1,500 people who manage its operations in about 140 nations. The foundation spends an average of $940 million every year. It allocates 28 percent of its annual budget to facilitating democracy human rights advocacy around the world. The expenditure of the Open Societies Foundation’s donations is managed by 23 national and regional organizations that have local boards. The background of the George Soros has inspired him to dedicate a lot of time and resources to make sure that people are treated equally. and more information click here