Seacrest: From Timid Kid, to Pop Culture Icon

Ryan Seacrest has become a staple in today’s pop culture, from starting out as the host of American Idol, going on to host On Air with Ryan and Live with Kelly and Ryan , branching out into clothing and fashion with his lines Distinction and Polish and hosting Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, everyone knows who Ryan Seacrest is. Along with his success in media, Seacrest has also created the Ryan Seacrest Foundation to build radio studios that give access to pediatric patients to give them a creative outlet. Although being famous and fit is the 38 year old’s reality now, as a child Seacrest struggled with weight and confidence issues. From the overweight kid in Georgia who hid his body, to a fashion and pop culture icon, Ryan Seacrest’s journey has lead him to speak with Men’s Fitness about his life and how he keeps it all together.

When asked about his commitment to fitness, and how he fits it into his notoriously hectic schedule, Ryan Seacrest explains that working out sessions are treated like business meetings, and he will not let himself cancel. Another trick he uses throughout his busy day, is having different sets of workout gear and professional clothing in different locations. This allows him to easily meet his goal of being in the gym at least 5 hours a week, and still have time to shower and be at one of his numerous jobs.. Seacrest goes onto explain that he does not have a favorite exercise, but does like to change things up regularly. He enjoys swimming when he can, but also loves running, yoga and biking.

TV host Seacrest has admitted to being an avid food lover, some of his favorite snacks include vegetable juices, roasted nuts or anything crunchy, and occasionally peanut M&M’s. His go to cheat food is Mexican food, but he likes switching up his cheat days to include pasta or pizza. Seacrest states that balance is an important part of everyone’s physical and emotional well-being. Balance with family, career and health will allow a person to be successful and feel fulfilled.

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Stream Energy: Providing Assistance through Stream Cares

Stream Energy is a Dallas-based energy provider that has been in the business for more than a decade. The company has been expanding through building facilities outside their home state, operating mainly in the New England region and providing the people with affordable energy and other services. Stream Energy has also created their philanthropic arm by founding Stream Cares, which would handle all of the activities aimed at helping the community. One of the most recent examples of their assistance to the public can be traced back to 2017 when Hurricane Harvey hit the eastern coast of Texas. Hurricane Harvey was one of the strongest hurricanes on record, and it dumped record-breaking rains and winds all over the eastern coast of Texas. It ravaged communities located near the coastal areas, and it caused the rivers inside the mainland to swell and overflow.

After days of heavy rains, the rivers have expanded, and it devastated towns, cities, and other settlements within the state. Houses, cars, and other infrastructures were taken away by the rushing river, and everyone could not do anything. Dallas, where the headquarters of Stream Energy is located, was not spared from the wrath of Hurricane Harvey. After the hurricane’s onslaught, Stream Energy mobilized their units under the Stream Cares and asked them to help the communities that were significantly affected by the disaster. They also released an initial assistance fund of $25,000 and gave it to the responders to buy food, water, clothes and other necessities. These are provided to the survivors, and Stream Cares promised that more help is on the way.

Aside from the monetary assistance that was promised by Stream Cares, they have also promised that they will do their best to restore the electricity in the hurricane-stricken areas. In Texas alone, thousands of electric poles were damaged, and these poles need immediate repair. Stream Energy mobilized their service crew to check the poles and see how it can be restored back to normal. They have also announced that the blackout due to the damaged brought by the hurricane could last for days, but they will try their best to provide the people with the electricity that they needed.