Matt Badiali Shows Investors The Way To Help The Country And To Help Themselves

The United States needs to get to the point where we are not having to cooperate with countries, and governments, that are grossly antithetical to our own way of life. That said, our reliance on natural resources, that we cannot seem to adequately harvest from our own country, leave us in the dubious position of having to negotiate to get what we need elsewhere. This earth is round, and if other countries seem to get more out of the ground than we do, it seems incongruous that we cannot tap into the same resources from our continent. Fracking is one of the newest ideas relative to being able to find untapped resources and avenues to derive these precious resources. Visit the website to learn more.

Matt Badiali, a very well-respected professor of geology at Duke University, as well as the University of North Carolina, has been speaking to investors lately about freedom checks. He coined this phrase as a result of seeing companies that are on the precipice of likely making great strides, as a result of their fracking efforts, to find more resources domestically, and then tying those efforts to a tax clause that will allow investors to earn from this. The key to this investment is United States Code 26 (f).

This code is a dividend reinvestment plan which puts money back into a whole life policy. It really is simply a vehicle where you bank on yourself way in which you use life insurance to see your earnings grow tax-free. Plans that capitalize on the 26(f) found their genesis thanks to President Roosevelt’s post-depression efforts to do most anything to get the economy rolling again. Other programs, like FDIC and Social Security, were also created as a result of his efforts during this time.


Matt Badiali knows that 26(f) investments can easily lead investors to the opportunity to earn large, lump-sum payouts. They also provide the opportunity to see an aggressive monthly income stream. This confluence of events, with the United States wanting to become more energy independent and the fact that the companies willing to do the work to get us there need some money, make this a great opportunity for all parties. These companies can act as 100% legal tax shelters for the purposes of continued exploration and investors can receive handsome returns from providing investments in companies that are going to lead the United States to rely far less on other countries for our natural resources. Read this article at Money Morning.