Vinod Gupta – A Role Model For Budding Entrepreneurs

Vinod Gupta is a Managing General Partner at Everest Group, where he oversees venture capital opportunities for database technology startups. As someone who thoroughly understands risk-benefit approach to new businesses, he also acquires struggling businesses to help them overcome shortcomings. In fact, Mr. Gupta has been touted by former President Bill Clinton for his inclusive hiring practices and his support for undeserved population.


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The Success Story

Born in 1946, in India, Vinod Gupta graduated from University of Nebraska. After graduation, he worked for a mobile home manufacturing company. Utilizing his role as a Market Research Analyst, Vinod Gupta created an informational database for mobile home companies, which eventually proved extremely successful because such information was not available in the market. Utilizing the opportunity, Mr. Gupta took only $100 loan from a local bank and started his own direct mail order business to provide information to businesses in a variety of fields.

Despite the concerns of his friends and acquaintance, who believed that such a business model could not succeed, Mr. Gupta’s idea became an instant success. Building his business on the similar lines, he gradually built a multi-million-dollar company, InfoUSA, which was eventually sold for $680 Million. After selling the company, Vinod Gupta started Focus Group; another business venture which took Vinod’s vision one step further by providing financial support to like-minded tech companies that seek to use database technology.


Vindo Gupta’s Advice for Entrepreneurs

In a recent interview, he gave useful advice to new entrepreneurs, asking them to focus on cost-benefit analysis before starting a new business. As for new businesses, he insists that managers should compensate their employees for their efforts because it is the most important motivational factor that will keep the employees loyal to the company. For existing businesses, Mr. Gupta suggests that maintaining a brand identity is important even when the identity is tarnished. As such, managers can recover brand identify by sorting out shortcomings instead of building a new brand. Click Here for more information on Vinod Gupta


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