Pulp Fiction: A Classic by Lawrence Bender

Lawrence Bender (born “Lawrence Kirk Bender) was born in New York City, New York on October 17, 1957 (aged 61). His mother and father both provided a humble living for him as history and kindergarten teachers respectively. He followed his grandfather’s footsteps and graduated from the prestigious University of Maine with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. Then, Lawrence Bender took an interest in dancing and even had a short career before injuries finally stopped him.

Lawrence Bender is highly regarded as one of the best movie producers of his generation with movies such as Good Will Hunting, Django, Reservoir Dogs, and Inglourious Basterds. He can also be attributed to the changing Hollywood landscape, where producers are more involved their films. With over two decades of experience in the movie industry, Lawrence Bender has accumulated experience and skills parallel to no one. As a result, he has earned six Academy Awards, including 29 nominations.

Lawrence Bender’s efforts are also beyond Hollywood. He is an active supporter of the environment and serves as a major political activist in the movie industry. Currently, he is the leading executive of CleanSource Power, a company dedicated to providing an efficient form of renewable energy. In addition, he serves on Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

One of Lawrence Bender’s leading films, Pulp Fiction (1994), accurately represents the mass reputation and culture that he uses. Pulp Fiction is highly regarded as one of the best drama/crime films of the decade.

The story revolves around two hitmen, commissioned by a mob leader, who are tasked to retrieve a briefcase. Moreover, the mob leader forces the hitmen to be accompanied by his wife. In a series of funny and action scenes, the three random strangers seem to form an affection for each other.

The movie also revolves around a boxer who uses the mob leader’s money to bet on himself and then accidentally kills his opponent. When the two finally encounter in a garage, they form a pact in which the boxer has to never return to the city and forget all that has happened to his dead opponent.