The Lesson From Eric Pulier For Jobless Youth

The life and times of America’s leading entrepreneur in software and technology, Eric Pulier, has a philosophical basis in the experience of Alfred Nobel who is an inspiring reminder of the fact that one can flee from the ineluctable black hole of history while one still has life in him. The charismatic and brilliant business leader has been an iconic influence in the realm of philanthropy for his passion and incredible commitment to the course of changing the lives of millions of lives through charity organizations and foundations across globe.

Eric Pulier has a particular interest in how he can impact on the lives of people languishing under economic misery, suffering and agony. The Harvard educated entrepreneur is an iconic figure to a million of youths around the globe, who are jobless, for it is notable that he founded his first computer company while he was still in high school. This is of great influence to a majority of youths for many of them pursue education with the aim of getting white collar jobs at the end only to be frustrated as global economic reality hit.

The intelligent Eric Pulier has founded some life impacting organizations ever since. People doing things (PDT), which he founded in 1991, was applauded for its role in showcasing how technology can be harnessed to address societal problems such as disparities in education and poor health. His desire to elevate the standards of life for chronically ill children has also been unwearied in the course of time, influencing him to lead the effort that brought about Starbright world, a platform that helps these children meet and share online. Eric Pulier is a board member of X prize foundation and contributes a great deal to the Clinton foundation that has helped save millions of life in sub-Saharan Africa from the malaria epidemic, the leading cause of death in region.

The technology entrepreneur is a gifted motivational speaker on technology and has co -authored a book on enterprize whereby he inspects the dynamics of enterprising with high precision. He is also a father of four children.

About Eric Pulier: