Milan Kordestani: Innovative and Determined

Milan Kordestani is small in years but big in dreams.

Born in Stanford, California, Milan’s parents divorced when he was very young.

The two decided to move Milan to England.

However, one year later, Milan moved back to California where he attended high school in Atherton and graduated class of 2017.

Although he is only 19, Milan is known for keeping busy.

He has a thriving career at the Huffington Post, cranking out articles on the topics of

  • mental health
  • politics
  • agriculture

When he isn’t writing for the Post, Milan is attending classes at Colorado College or riding horses.

He is an equestrian who is internationally known and currently has three wins under his belt. They are:

  • a 3rd place in 2015 at the American Royal

an impressive 2nd place win at the World’s Champion Horse Show in 2016

Milan hasn’t yet won any blue ribbons, but he has his sights set on one.

People, such as Betts Coup of The National Horseman, feel that a blue ribbon is well within Milan’s reach because he has excellent form, advances quickly, and rapidly meets any goals that he sets.

When the college student isn’t taking classes, writing, or riding, he is hard at work on his farm, Milan Farms.

Milan created Milan Farms while he was still a sophomore in high school.

He was only 16.

However, age doesn’t stop Milan.

He is known for being an open and honest businessman and for implementing the best possible practices for raising his crops.

His chickens are raised humanely, and his crops – saffron and mint – are grown 100% organically.

Milan is currently experimenting with more innovative ways of growing saffron, however.

His research and experimentation with growing the herb hydroponically has seen much success.

When he decides to move forward with growing his saffron on sponges, he will become the first person in the world to ever do so.