Sahm Adrangi Issues Caution To Those Looking Into Kodak

Sahm Adrangi is one of the most renowned investors in the world today and currently leads at Kerrisdale Capital, which is a private investment firm that invests in all sorts of different projects and industries. For more than a decade now, Sahm Adrangi has been leading the investment field with his excellent insight. As of late, Sahm and Kerrisdale Capital have been focusing extra on the blockchain technologies that are coming out and their overall influence on the markets of the world.

In recent news, Kerrisdale released reports and gave comments on various companies that have experienced huge growth through this new technology. One of the recent company’s under Kerrisdale’s fire is Eastman Kodak, known for this photography products and accessories. In the past, Kodak was a giant in the industry, and as of recently, their stock prices rose roughly 190 percent after using this technology in their own digital currency.

While many investors initially wanted to buy into these Kodak Stocks, Sahm Adrangi has issued a caution to all investors to be cautious before dealing with Kodak. Kodak’s stocks could simply be highly overvalued currently, which would be a big mistake for investors thinking its an opportunity. Sahm believes this to be true because Kodak’s other subsidiaries are also overvalued and are hardly as functional as Eastman Kodak. While there may be some actual value, the company is not using their blockchain technologies in a way that is going to provide returns that are helpful in the end.

Another problem that Sahm Adrangi sees with Kodak is that the developer of the technology they are using has a highly mixed background. This means they could end up with a product that doesn’t perform so well against the competitors. While there is no hard evidence that the company has done anything illegal, the board members have made some very concerning moved according to Kerrisdale, such as gaining access to restricted stock just a day before the company’s cryptocurrency announcement.

Malcolm CasSelle, Master of Cryptocurrency

Malcolm CasSelle has his finger on the pulse of the future when it comes to cryptocurrency. Malcolm CasSelle is the Chief Information Officer for OPSkins, one of the world’s largest marketplaces for the buying and selling of in-game virtual items. OPSkins is also one of the leading worldwide merchants of Bitcoins, a cryptocurrency created in 2009 by an anonymous individual known by the alias Satoshi Nakamoto.

OPSkins is now taking the next step in the virtual assets marketplace. They are launching a new blockchain platform known as the “Worldwide Asset eXchange” or WAX, with Malcolm CasSelle as the President. WAX allows the trading of virtual assets on a person to person basis, incorporating digital ledgers or blockchains, to maintain a running account of transactions in an efficient manner. Two of the biggest issues in virtual asset markets are fraud and a fragmented market. WAX addresses both of these issues by providing consumers with a blockchain enabled widget that allows for the instant sale and purchase of virtual goods without having to leave their game; essentially doing away with the fragmentation experienced when using payment methods that involve foreign exchange rates, language and the necessity of leaving the game to complete the purchase. Buyers and sellers can also take advantage of WAX Tokens, which allow consumers to convert virtual goods into tokens which can then be exchanged for Bitcoins or other cryptocurrency.

Considered to be a natural leader with outstanding organizational skills and a true talent for problem solving, Malcolm CasSelle is known for his creative thinking. He has obtained a master’s degree in computer sciences from Stanford University as well as a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences from MIT. He also speaks Mandarin as well as Japanese. Malcolm is a daring entrepreneur with the keen ability to raise a company to its highest potential.

Currently, Malcolm CasSelle is the CIO of OPSkins as well as the President of Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX). In 2016, Malcolm was the President and Chief Technology Officer of Tronc (Tribune Publishing), where he was responsible for the creation of an advanced technology team as well as rapid growth centered on digital revenue. He was also Senior Vice President in charge of Digital Media for Seachange International, who purchased Timeline Labs – a company that centered on consumer interaction with modern digital content, where he was CEO from 2013 to 2015.

Malcolm has also led startups in a variety of ventures including Xfire, a social network designed for gamers with 22 million users, MediaPass, a digital subscription solution for media companies, as well as a joint venture with Groupon and Tencent in China. Malcolm has also staked investments in a number of prominent companies such as Zynga and Facebook.

Malcolm CasSelle is a master at creating business and raising money. As a co-founder of PCCW, a Hong Kong based company; Malcolm raised the value of the company to over $35 billion U.S. dollars. He also raised billions for PCCW’s public offering and was involved in raising millions for a variety of private transactions.