Patty Rocklage Shares Her Marriage & Family Therapy Skills

Making use of her more than 20 years experience as a marriage and family therapist, Patty Rocklage comes to the aid of couples, individuals and families as they cope with their struggles.


The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) defines marriage and family therapists as those who minister serious problems that range from depression and anxiety to individual psychological problems and marital and child-parent problems.


According to a recent study, more than 98 percent of clients treated by marriage and family therapists described the therapy services as good or excellent.


Utilizing her expertise, Rocklage currently provides counseling services, which make it easier for couples to get through their difficult times, in the Sudbury, Massachusetts area.


According to her Psychology Today profile, Patty Rocklage stands out because of her warm communication style that helps her in delivering her counseling.


She also participates in community activities to advance team building and as a life coach.


Rocklage has previously functioned with the Women’s Board of the South Sundanese Enrichment for Families, a non-profit charity that operates with the South Sundanese community of greater Boston.


The SSEF provides community services that take in improvements in education, mentoring, housing support and tutoring.


In 1981 Rocklage graduated from the University of Southern California. She is married to Dr. Scott Rocklage, who received his PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


As part of their philanthropic endeavors, the Rocklage’s recently contributed a major gift to MIT’s Chemistry Department that will help out with the costs for renovating the nanochemistry and nanotechnology lab space.

A plaque acclaiming the donation from the Rocklages is on exhibit at the entrance hall to the lab.