From Blight to Brilliant: Re-making New Brunswick with Sam Boraie

In the early years of the republic, New Brunswick was an important place. Its advantageous location with proximity to New York and Philadelphia as well as its role as a transportation hub established its role in the early years of the United States. However, the passage of time was not kind to New Brunswick and the 60’s and 70’s were absolutely cruel, leaving burned out buildings, fearful inhabitants and a grim future.

Sam Boraie came to the banks of New Jersey to pursue a degree in Chemistry during the bad old days of New Brunswick. Where others saw blight, he saw potential. Though without a background in real estate or construction, Mr. Boraie began investing in New Brunswick. Over time, he amassed a large block of buildings downtown and committed himself to reviving city center.

His master plan, presented to city management, was ambitious. Not only did he want to rebuild the uninhabitable buildings he had purchased, he wanted to bring life and business back to New Brunswick. He wanted people to walk the streets in the evenings shopping without fear of mugging; he wanted them to live in New Brunswick, go to doctors in New Brunswick and send their children to local schools.

Sam Boraie Steps Up
Forty years in the making, Boraie Construction is realizing the dream of Omar Boraie. Sam Boraie, one of the three Boraie offspring and the second son, plays a large role in this process. He and his brother and sister, the vice presidents of Boraie Construction, are continuing to implement their father’s dream.

For many years, Sam has been groomed to play a key part in the company. His current role includes researching new strategies that will help the company grow and more quickly realize its development plans. Boraie has never been a company to think small and the continued revitalization of New Brunswick is just one example of that ideal. Because of the massive plans that include attracting businesses of all sizes and residents interested in a city lifestyle including diversified entertainment, dining and education opportunities, Boraie is seeking big players to partner in the plans.

Philanthropic Activities
Though intimately interested in the company, Sam Boraie is also dedicated to developing the soul of New Brunswick through philanthropic endeavors. He has long served as a trustee of the State Theater, located to no one’s surprise in New Brunswick. Live, quality theater is an essential part of the Boraie vision, attracting creativity and innovation in the arts to New Jersey.

Mr. Boraie also serves on the advisory board of Elijah’s Promise. Founded as a soup kitchen, Elijah’s Promise has grown to become just the kind of place you could imagine a hard-working man like Sam Boraie to encourage. This charity still prepares and distributes free of charge over 300 meals a day. Beyond that, they offer bag lunches and promote education in the culinary industry, training bakers and chefs from the community in all aspects of food preparation so that they can provide for themselves and their families.

Sam Boraie and New Brunswick: Linked by Choice and History
Sam Boraie grew up living and breathing New Brunswick and we don’t see him deserting us any time soon; New Brunswick is in his blood and we are thankful for that.