Jeff Aronin Creates a Better Medical Approach Via Paragon Biosciences


Paragon Biosciences is a firm that invests, builds and develops prominent biotechnology companies with the objective of helping people live healthier and longer lives.


Paragon Bioscience Overview

From the viewpoint of Paragon Biosciences the work must start in knowing what the patient actually needs, then understanding the facts why the disease occurred, and constructing companies that are entirely concentrated in dealing with the unfulfilled requirements of patients. And this is what motivates the firm to develop drugs and hasten the approval of essential medicines, because there are over 6,000 diseases at present that have no cure or remedy. The ultimate object of the professional medical experts at Paragon is to reduce the number of the said diseases to uplift the quality of the patients’ lives.

Jeff Aronin has proven himself to be amongst the leading health care and biotech entrepreneurs. Being the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Paragon Biosciences, Jeff Aronin continues to utilize his entrepreneurial energy and industry specialization in developing state-of-the-art biotech companies.


Jeff Aronin’s Purpose

At an early point of his life, Jeff Aronin was able to comprehend that he has a zeal for health care. The experience that brought about this spark of realization happened when he was observing a physician who was at that time administering treatments for a child with seizures. In replacement of the standard form of remedy for seizures, which is brain surgery, the said physician chose to use medicine to help the child. The incident showed Jeff Aronin that medial drugs have the capability to make a sick person well again.

The cited experience was rooted in his mind as he commenced his career in integrating science together with the development of biotech companies. In 2000 Jeff Aronin founded and became the Chief Executive Officer of his own venture, Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. The company’s achievement in being able to bring new medicines for the needs of patients illustrated the significance of his approach which combines patients’ needs, favorable science, and an excellent team to secure approval for the medicines that were produced. Ovation was later procured by Lundbeck in the amount of $900 million, and Jeff Aronin was selected to supervise the turnover as CEO and President.