Online Activism Drives The Work Of Avaaz

The world around us is changing with the majority of people around the world looking to connect with their fellow concerned citizens across the planet. The global activist group, Avaaz was born in 2007 in an attempt to bring together millions of people who would usually have little opportunity to make an impact on the lives of humans across the planet; the focus of Avaaz has always been placed on the growing number of individuals hoping to use their Internet connection to develop their own role as an activist.

By allowing millions of people around the world to guide the direction the group move in, Avaaz has become one of the most impressive and diverse activist groups on the planet. Avaaz has made an impact on many different areas of the world and on a range of causes including environmentalism and the need to tackle the many forms of financial corruption taking place around the world. One of the many victories Avaaz has reported is those won against major corporations looking to build their own agricultural environments regardless of the impact on natural habitats in areas from Europe to South America.

More than 45 million people have already joined Avaaz and come together with concerned citizens from every habitable continent of the world to tackle some of the most important issues facing the world. Although the majority of the people who join Avaaz complete petitions and messaging campaigns there are a number of other options open to members of the group including mobilizing to have a positive impact on Europe’s refugee crisis. Avaaz has even looked to honor a small Greek fishing village for the work of its fishing industry and inhabitants in fighting to protect the human rights of refugees flooding into their village from Eastern Europe and Syria.