Stansberry Research: The U.S. Inches Closer to War

In the Stansberry Research Center’s article called “The U.S. Inches Closer to War” Justin Brill of the Stansberry Digest discusses the changing world stock markets and the possible effects of a growing world trade war. He first begins by describing the changing Japanese market, mentioning how the Bank of Japan has discussed ending the bank’s massive stimulus plan; this would be a first time in history for this to happen. Brill says that this could exemplify a slowing boom in Japanese stocks, in which they are running out of steam. However, he argues it is not crucial to pull out yet, as these stocks are one of his favorite options. However, the world market could be changing since president trump’s creation of tariffs on steel and aluminum which could begin a new trade war. They argue that the plan is unlikely to work, as less than 0.1% of the U.S. population actually works in Iron and Steel. Evidently, this will not help workers and instead will just raise costs for companies that use iron and steel. Orrin Hatch, a Republican in Utah, says “it is a tax hike the American people don’t need and can’t afford (Americasjubilee).”

Other than just hurting working Americans, it could trigger more sanctions and tariffs in other parts of the world. The E.U. has already proposed a levy of 25% on American steel and agricultural products, and the author argues it could get even worse if China is included in this U.S. trade war says Stansberry Research. The author concludes by mentioning that more uncertainty in the stock market is likely to follow, but Dr. David Eifrig will be discussing how people can benefit and use this uncertainty in their favor.

The Stansberry Research Institute is a private American publishing group that specializes in investment research, it has monthly and bi-monthly newsletters. The Newspaper has followers in over one hundred countries. It was founded in 1999 as an independent firm, and from there has grown into more of an advisory research center. Porter Stansberry is the founder of the newspaper, and before founding it was involved with editing the oldest English language newsletter: The Fleet Street Letter.