Best Brazilian Advertising Agent, Jose Henrique Borgi

Advertising is a field that calls for maturity, innovation, and creativity. It also requires planning in advance with a very good strategy and organizing. This is just a strategy to do a proper printing service. Jose Henrique Borgi is the only Brazilian recognized for doing a superb job. He has the expertise to do quality, unique and attracting adverts. He is the man to look for in Brazil when looking for a company to do advertising services. He is the founder of Mullen Lowe Brazil agency. He creates publicity campaigns of very important impact. Some include Parmalat’s mammals, whereby children have been dressed in stuffed animals. The adverts in short terms are just built superbly.

Jose Henrique Borgi is the founder of Mullen Lowe Brazil agency who makes campaigns with great repercussions and is one of the Sazon which had like a great song called ‘is the love’ that was sang by Luciano and Zeze Di Camargo. Jose has also held other successful adverts including 14 Lions of Cannes, 10 Awards at The One Show and has also received many awards including 15the April Advertising Awards, 11 at the New York Festival and also in the year 2009, Jose Henrique Borgi was elected as Advertiser of the Year by APP. He has proven and great advertising techniques which he also transferred the same skills to his staff.

Jose Henrique Borgi has come from far and started his agency when he had nothing. He worked with great strategies but not money. He did not get financiers nor investors. He just chose to start advertising business with whatever tools he had. The business grew to greater heights and even Jose himself did not believe the rate at which his business peaked with. So far no one can outdo the great moves made by Mullen Lowe Brazili agency in the whole country.

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